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Aerial View / Map Of Carteret County NC And Surrounding Cities And Towns

This article presents what an aerial view and map of Carteret County NC and the surrounding towns of Morehead City, Beaufort, Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, and Harkers Island looks like. We hope if you are visiting the area that this aerial presentation will help orient you to the local community.

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Information continues below the image and we have included a larger image at the end of this article presenting this county in relation to the East Coast.

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General Information

The body of water between Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle and Morehead City, Newport, and Bogue is called Bogue Sound or what we locally call “The sound”. Two bridges connect the mainland to Bogue Banks, one in Atlantic Beach and one in Emerald Isle.

The body of water to the upper right of Cedar Island and Portsmouth Island is the Pamlico Sound.

The patch of land denoted by squares between Sea Level, Otway, and Merrimon is Open Ground Farms.

In the aerial map of Carteret County NC, you will note Harkers Island, Beaufort (red dots), and Morehead City. These locations all have passenger ferry boats that take people to and from Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout.

Both Shackleford Banks (yellow dots) and Cape Lookout are uninhabited by humans and owned by the NC Park Service. Shackleford Banks does have a population of wild horses living on it.

In looking at the view of Cedar Island, this is where you can catch a passenger / car ferry to Ocracoke Island (Hyde County NC).

Morehead City is the business center of the county and largest town.

Cape Carteret is the westernmost town in Carteret County, with Cedar Island being the easternmost. Cape Carteret is at the border of Onslow County NC.

Newport is the northernmost town in the county and borders Craven County NC.

The patch of land going North of Cape Carteret NC is Hwy 58, Stella, and Peletier NC.

The towns of Otway, Harkers Island, Sea Level, and Atlantic denoted on the aerial view is an area we locals call “Down East“. Not noted on the map is the towns of Bettie, Davis, Stacy, Marshallberg, Williston, and Smyrna.

Merrimon and South River are very isolated small fishing communities on the Pamlico Sound and river.

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