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Are There Affordable Rent Prices In Carteret County NC?

Is rent affordable in the Carteret County NC towns of Morehead City, Newport, Beaufort, and other locations? Are monthly prices of houses and apartments rising, or are they staying level compared to just 10 years ago?

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Information we hope to uncover can include current rental prices of houses, apartments, and condominiums in Morehead City, Newport, Beaufort, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, and other locations in down east communities such as Harkers Island and Cedar Island.

Growth And Development

Continuing, we’re hoping to learn what projected prices will be like once Interstate 42 nears completion and more industries and businesses move in to the area creating a larger population.

And, we’d love to know your thoughts on how expansion of the military at Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune will impact housing in Carteret County NC.

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Houses And Apartments – Affordable Rent In Carteret NC

In your research and housing search, where is the most affordable place to live within this county? Which community has the highest prices? Considering both questions, why?

Considering Interstate 42, military expansion, and greater business and industry development in the local area, which will have the largest impact on this area?

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Considering a greater population rise within our fixed land area, how will this impact prices?

What types of new laws, policies, and regulations do you see county commissioners and municipal town officials having to address around housing?

Considering Cape Carteret, Stella, Peletier, and most areas down east, do you think these rural areas will be impacted? How?

Are prices of rental apartments and houses matching incomes in the local area? What is the current availability of housing at any level in this community?

Does Carteret County need more low income housing? Which areas do you foresee needing more?

Are fair market regulations needed in this community?

Latest News

This section will be updated with news information relating to this topic as it happens. Information in this area will likely include local government information by county commissioners and town municipal leaders which address housing issues in the community. Go to general local area news.

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Readers are reporting that Morehead City has very little opportunities for people seeking rental apartments and townhomes, and that prices in this community are already rising dramatically.

Are Prices Rising or Staying Level?

Earlier in this article we mentioned Interstate 42, military expansion, and a fast growing population around greater amounts of business and industry moving in to this area as the driving factors for rental prices rising dramatically.

In your opinion, what other factors will likely come in to play to either cause prices to rise even faster, or level out?

Will houses be more impacted compared to townhomes, condominiums, and apartments?


Using the discussion form below, what’s some other information you want to address around affordable rent prices in the Carteret County NC communities of Morehead City, Newport, Beaufort, and towns within down east which we did not cover in this article?

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