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Atlantic Beach Causeway Corridor Development Coming Soon In NC

Atlantic Beach NC town officials announced in 2019 they are working with Alta Planning and Design on a master plan to redesign and redevelop the Causeway corridor as you enter the town from the Causeway bridge. As with all of our articles, this will serve as a place for public comments and discussions which can be accessed at the bottom of this article. Please consider sharing this article on social media like Facebook and Twitter and subscribing to comments to stay up-to-date on how this master plan comes to fruition.

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According to the new corridor development, the town of Atlantic Beach NC seeks to increase the number of parking spaces for businesses located along the Causeway, to increase the visibility for these businesses, to provide for a more aesthetic first impression when driving in to town, and to increase bike, golf cart, and pedestrian flow around strategic points along the route.

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To get more detailed information on this project from town officials, please call Michelle Eitner at (252) 726-4456.

As for public comments and discussion, what input would you give the town and Alta Planning and Design in their mission to meet what they are trying to accomplish with this project?

As a business along the Causeway, what concerns or praise do you have as it relates to corridor design and development?

As a non-commercial property or homeowner in the vicinity of the Causeway, what are your concerns or praise?

In looking at the plan, what is missing that could easily be added? Many feel that the circle in Atlantic Beach needs further development for entertainment and economic prosperity, does this project moving forward but the circle development being lagged for years concern you?

On Friday, April 5th, 2019 town officials asked for the public to give their input on the proposed development, do you feel that this meeting answered all your questions? Should there be more meetings for those that were unable to attend? What questions and concerns were not addressed?

As we all know, Carteret County NC is expected to significantly grow as it relates to traffic to the area given the I-42 Interstate corridor project that will effectively provide for a 2 lane interstate between Raleigh and areas down east. Do you feel the Causeway corridor in Atlantic Beach will bolster this growth?

More on the Interstate project here
Aside from the entrance to the town and circle area, what other redevelopment and design enhancements need to be done in other areas?

Are you concerned that these enhancements could actually detract from the town having a quaint “old time feel” that many feel is the key to tourism in this beach community?

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2 thoughts on “Atlantic Beach Causeway Corridor Development Coming Soon In NC

  • June 22, 2019 at 7:48 am

    I don’t know if it is related to this effort, but I saw where the Channel Marker Restaurant building was demolished in June, 2019 and there is word that the old steamboat motel is about to be. Does anyone know what the town would put in place of these two structures to improve the experience tourist get as they come off the Causeway Bridge?

  • June 9, 2019 at 3:31 pm

    I think this will be good for the town and help spur repeated tourism to the beach. Something definitely needs to be done with the old motel with the paddle wheels and hopefully with the Channel Marker being built something nice will go there. Certainly having a bike path along the Causeway will help.


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