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Atlantic Beach NC Mini Golf in Carteret County – Kids And Family Activities

Information and discussions about mini golf at Atlantic Beach, NC in Carteret County are located below the following video.

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General information: mini golf (putt putt golf) is open from 9am to 9pm and cost $5 per person with children under age 6 playing free. Players can purchase their entrance to golf at the concession stand where they will receive golf balls and putter. This is an 18 hole course.

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The town of Atlantic Beach NC does offer a concession stand that is operational from 10am – 10pm during the summer months only, but the skateboard park, kids playground, public restrooms, and basketball court is open all year around to residents and visitors to the beach. There is public restrooms at this park.

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As with all articles on this website, we ask for your discussions below to help others learn more about mini golf in Atlantic Beach NC so that others can learn more about this attraction.

Is this the only 18 hole course at the beach? Are the grounds kept clean and free of obstruction on the greens?

What skill level would you rate the course? Do you have any advice for other players as it relates to a specific hole? Are there any “trick” holes at this course?

When you rent your golf putter and golf balls, do you also get a scorecard and pencil?

Is this course well lit and all safety and security concerns addressed by town officials in Atlantic Beach?

What other 9 hole and 18 hole putt-putt mini golf courses are there in Carteret County and how does this one compare to the others?

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Would you recommend this course to others visiting the beach?

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Information on the town park.

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One thought on “Atlantic Beach NC Mini Golf in Carteret County – Kids And Family Activities

  • October 12, 2018 at 6:57 pm

    Glad to see Atlantic Beach giving kids and families something to do while on vacation. Mini golf is pretty much a traditional at all resort communities. Now all they need is a waterslide.


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