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Atlantic Beach NC New Business Opportunities And Growth

Of the 1000 articles written on this website, one central concern pops up the most when people make contact with us. That concern is what is happening in Atlantic Beach NC and the state of new business opportunities (or lack thereof), growth and development, the local economy, and revitalization of the circle.

So, we figured it was time to have a dedicated discussion thread on this topic. Please use the no registration form below to engage with our readers, our staff, and others.

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This website is in no way affiliated with any elected official (mayor, town council, local government, etc…), business interest, or investor looking to create opportunities in the town. Our only goal with this article is to ascertain where residents and town officials want to take this town when thinking about the economy.

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Discussions On Business At The Beach

While revitalization and development of the circle is on a slow boil with long-time residents of this town and county residents who love coming to the area, the heat was certainly turned up when Triple S pier closed, when the Channel Marker closed and was demolished, and the Showboat Motel was demolished after decades of just sitting there.

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And, it’s impossible not to contrast the level of excitement and entertainment in what the circle was in the 1980s compared to what’s happening on the circle now.

When taking all the contact we’ve had on growth and development, business interest, and revitalization, the core central theme seems to be where does the town want to take Atlantic Beach?

Do local residents and the town council want new business opportunities, or do they want to simply make this local area a residential and vacation rental community and defer all entertainment, shopping, and economics to Morehead City?

In short, people who contact us seem to be saying they are ready to see local government do whatever it is they are going to do.

In 2019, the town announced they were focusing on causeway corridor development to give the beach a more attractive first impression to those visiting our beaches. And to us, this seemed to signal the town was hoping to attract new opportunities to the community.

As someone who’s following the causeway corridor development, please give us your insights using the form below.

As a long-time small business owner, such as the owners of Oceanana Pier, Bert’s, Marshes, and Atlantic Beach Surf Shop, and Beach Tavern, what does the future look like for you as a locally owned business?

Discussion On Carteret County Small Business Interest

As a resident owning property in the town, where do you want the town council and mayor to go? Do you want a central core business district in the town, or do you want economic interests deferred to Morehead City?

As a long-time vacationer to our area, what are your impressions of Atlantic Beach NC today compared to 10 or more years back? From a tourism standpoint, what needs to happen in this community?

What is the latest on development of tourism related businesses at the circle? Are we still going to see what was planned back in 2013, or is this area going to be condominiums, vacation rentals, and other tourism related housing?

Again, using the form below, ask questions, engage us in conversations, and provide insights on new business interest and opportunities in the Atlantic Beach NC community.

Note: If you are part of local government in this town and want to use the discussion thread using your official and verified capacity, please use the contact form in the menu to contact us and we’ll be in touch.

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