Migratory Birds, Waterfowl, Geese, And Ducks Along Eastern NC Waterways

Our article on Carteret County national forest and wildlife refuge focuses on readers alerting us to information about migratory birds, shorebirds, ducks, geese, and other species to the Cedar Island refuge and Croatan forest in Eastern NC.

If you want to discuss general information about migratory birds at lakes and rivers in Central and Western NC, then please click the title link and submit your information and it will be added to this database.

If you would like to submit your official group of bird watchers, please fell free to add them.

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September 25, 2020: Largest One Day Increase In Coronavirus Cases To Date.

September 25, 2020 – Breaking News Reports

The Carteret County Health Department noted that between reporting on September 24th and 25th, there are 22 new Coronavirus cases from testing. The figure went from 718 cases to 740 cases overnight.

This makes today’s date the largest single day increase to date since reporting began. The prior single largest day increase was 20 cases. The local health department also noted 2 new hospitalizations at Carteret Health Care.

No registration comments and discussions via the title link.

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N.C. State University Chancellor Randy Woodson Says Campus Classes Will Resume For The Spring Semester 2021

September 2020

In an official announcement on September 23rd, 2020, N.C. State University Chancellor Randy Woodson said that on January 11, 2021 when the spring semester classes begin, undergraduate and graduate students can return to on-campus classes.

During the fall semester, on-campus classes were closed after several cluster outbreaks of the COVID-19 Coronavirus hit the campus community. Additionally, students were required to leave dormitories.

Despite this, Chancellor Woodson says these outbreaks were attributed to off-campus residences, fraternities, sororities, and large public gatherings and that new, more restrictive measures are in place. The thinking here is that the new restrictions will allow for spring semester classes to resume safely if students and faculty adhere to social distancing, masking, hand washing, and increased cleaning.

Discuss this decision by Chancellor Randy Woodson by clicking the title link to participate in our no registration discussions.

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NC County Board of Education Members Begin Discussions On Elementary Schools Opening During Coronavirus in 2020

September 2020

NC county board of education members and school officials are starting this week holding special meetings and online meetings to discuss whether their districts will open elementary school (K-5) after Governor Roy Cooper amended his executive orders on Coronavirus. Under this amended decision, each district can make a decision to operate under Plan A for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade students. Or, districts can stay under Plan B which is a hybrid of in-school versus virtual learning. If county board members decide on going to Plan A, parents can still choose Plan C.

Plan A = 100% in school learning.
Plan B = 2 days a week in school learning, with 3 days of virtual learning.
Plan C = 100% online learning.

By clicking the title link, tell us what your NC county board of education decided, and your thoughts on this as a student, teacher, administrator, parent, or guardian.

Filed: Public education in North Carolina

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Carteret Board Of Education Special Meeting On September 24, 2020 To Address Elementary Schools

September 2020

The Carteret County Board of Education will hold a special meeting on September 24, 2020 at 2 pm. Residents can watch this special meeting at the Carteret County Schools Youtube Channel.

The stated purpose of this meeting is to address information relating to local elementary schools and NC Governor Roy Cooper’s amended executive order allowing districts to choose whether K-5 schools can open full-time with in-classroom learning provided that masking, social distancing, hand washing, and facility cleaning remains in place.

It is not immediately clear if this meeting will inform the public about whether the district is choosing to open elementary schools fully, or if this meeting will just relay information about the process the district is considering as it moves towards October 5 when the governor said these new changes can happen.

We will document the highlights of the board of education’s special meeting below.

The board and Superintendent Rob Jackson recommended that elementary schools transition to Plan A starting October 19, 2020 for K-5.

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Sheriffs Department Announces 36 Charges For Area Man On Drug Charges, Resisting, Larceny, And Other Alleged Crimes

September 22, 2020

The local NC Sheriff’s Department announced 36 charges for Coy Lisk of Carteret County ranging from DWLR, no inspection, resisting a law enforcement officer, no car title, larceny, fictitious information to an officer, possession of stolen goods, drug paraphernalia, and sell/manufacture/possession of Heroin and Methamphetamine, and selling a controlled substance within 1000 yards of a kids park.

Coy Lisk is in jail on a $65,000 secured bond. He was admitted to the detention center on September 22, 2020 at 3:04 PM.

Mugshot via the title link.

NEXT: Undercover drug operation nets 9 new arrests.

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Is The Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA) World Championships Coming To Morehead City In Carteret County?

September 22, 2020 News

The Offshore Powerboat Association world championships are normally held at Englewood Beach FL, but in 2020 officials declined to host this OPA event out of concerns for the Coronavirus.

With the Crystal Coast Grand Prix fresh on everyone’s mind, and thanks to Jeff McCann of Jacks Bar for reviving this event, OPA officials made contact with Mr. McCann recently about hosting the 2020 event in Morehead City and he is working on trying to put this event together with local officials and the Coast Guard.

More information on this news source will be added as we learn more.

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Discussions And Information On Estuarine Fish Habitats

September 2020

An estuary is a meeting of freshwater and saltwater and the result creating a brackish mixture that is unique to areas along coastal and Eastern NC.

In this discussion thread, we are looking for information on the species of fish that are typically found in estuaries, along with information on spawning, hatcheries, fisheries management, and what makes these fish unique.

Additionally, we are interested in conditions that make estuarine fish habitats vulnerable and ways that marine biologists, scientist, and researchers are working to help species from brackish waters thrive.

Please click the title link to enter our no registration comments and discussions area.

If you are a marine biologist or working on your PhD at UNC Marine Sciences, Duke Marine Lab, or NC State Marine Fisheries and wish to have discussions using your verified credentials, please contact us.

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Local Schools Official Announces 20th COVID-19 Coronavirus Case

September 21, 2020

Carteret County Schools officials announced that the 20th COVID-19 Coronavirus case at area institutions is confirmed.

The announcement stated that the 20th case is at Broad Creek Middle School, while all others are at Morehead City Primary, Croatan High, White Oak Elementary, Bogue Sound Elementary, Beaufort Middle, Newport Elementary and West Carteret High school.

After Governor Cooper’s executive order, on October 5, 2020, the district can decide if elementary schools grades kindergarten through 5th grade can return to classes under Plan A which is full-time in-classroom instruction.

Filed: NC county news.

NEXT: Morehead City Veterans Day parade cancelled.

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Natural Habitats And Resources Along The Neuse River In Eastern NC

September 2020

Questions asked and answered in our South River article as it relates to local area resources, natural habitats, migratory patterns of waterfowl along this Neuse River waterway in Eastern NC, different types of shorebirds, fish, shoreline marine life, vulnerable and protected sea turtles, and information on harvesting of shellfish like shrimp, clams, and oysters.

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Neuse River Information In Eastern NC Waterways

September 2020

The Neuse River is a large estuary of the Pamlico Sound that extends in to New Bern NC with many attached bays, creeks, and rivers.

Please visit our article on South River to learn more about just one of these waterways in Eastern NC and to learn more about tourism, ecotourism, places to see and things to do on the water.

Please be sure to ask questions and offer information on the linked article if you know other information about the Neuse River and the river we linked.

Information we are looking for is boating and sailing information, natural resources, campsites and RV parks, fishing guides, walking trails, local area wildlife refuges, opportunities for birding, and photography.

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Big Rock Fall Baseball League Sees Larger Than Expected Turnout in Carteret County NC [2020]

September 2020

The Big Rock Fall Baseball League got underway on Monday, September 14, 2020 at Puck O’Neal Field in Morehead City and gave students at Croatan High School, West Carteret High School, East Carteret High School, and Havelock High School a chance to try out for the new league.

The Big Rock Fall Baseball League is a new league in Carteret County NC and a collaborative effort by the Morehead City Marlins baseball team, the Town of Morehead City, and the Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament.

Organizers say the new league gives local area high school baseball players, who saw a loss in game play after COVID-19 Coronavirus restrictions earlier in the spring, a chance to regain time lost participating in a sport they love.

Organizers say that around 72 players attended league tryouts along with a half dozen coaches. Buddy Bengal, owner of the Marlins, said organizers were expecting around 50 players which will require some thinking on the slated 12 game and four team schedule.

Buddy Bengal reports that the new fall league will not charge admission and is simply an opportunity for area high school baseball players to play the game they love after the Coronavirus affected the spring season.

Comments and discussions via the title link.

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NC Governor Roy Cooper Amends His Coronavirus Executive Order To Allow State Elementary Schools (K-5) To Proceed Under Plan A Starting October 5, 2020

September 2020

On Friday, September 18, 2020, NC Governor Roy Cooper announced that he is amending his COVID-19 Coronavirus related executive orders for NC public K-12 schools and allowing kindergarten through 5th grade elementary school students and staff to attend school under Plan A which is 100% in-person instruction 5 days a week.

Prior to that decision, NC schools could operate under Plan B which is a hybrid of in-person schooling 2 days a week and online learning 3 days a week, and Plan C which is 100% virtual.

As a function of government, the governor can take immediate legislative action on issues that have immediate, emergency, or pressing ramifications for the public.

Earlier on the same day, Lt. Governor Dan Forest who is running against Roy Cooper in 2020, said that he is moving forward with his plan to draft legislation to open all public schools fully; a promise which is also a part of his gubernatorial campaign.

Governor Cooper’s amended action can be adopted by individual districts, or remain under the current plan, and K-5 parents and guardians can choose to either remain under 100% virtual (Plan C), the hybrid (Plan B), or go with Plan A if the districts agrees with the governor.

Comments and discussions via clicking the title link.

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Tidal Estuary Information In Eastern NC

A estuary is a widening body of a coastal river as it approaches the sea and contains a mixture of fresh water and saltwater (brackish). Additionally, a estuary typically has a network of smaller rivers, creeks, and other waterways that connect to it.

A tidal estuary is simply one that is affected by tides.

In this article, we are going to focus on an important large estuary in Eastern NC that serves as an important landmark for living shorelines, maritime ecosystems, saltwater marshes, commercial fishing, and the harvesting of shellfish like clams, shrimp, and oysters.

Please use the title link to enter our discussion area so that you can input information in to this learning resource.

Furthermore, we are urging you to review our article on NC energy production as this coastal region is seeing a large push for energy companies to begin drilling, seismic blasting, and fracking of natural resources to gain energy from fossil fuels. How will energy production of NC water resources affect natural habitats and maritime ecosystems in the state?

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Pender County NC: Topsail Island And North Topsail Beach

This is a discussion topic for Pender County NC area including Topsail Island and North Topsail Beach. Readers are encouraged to click on the title link to access comments and discussions. Once we receive yours, we will add it here so that others can learn from you and engage you in your content.

Coastal waters near this area in Pender County include Topsail Island and North Topsail Beach which are considered small towns offering very isolated and remote beaches, endless sprawling sand dunes, and beaches you can walk for hours and encounter very few humans. There is endless possibilities for surf fishing, but we are requesting information on fishing piers in this local area.

In this forum we are looking for resort information along areas waters, travel via the Intracoastal waterway, aquariums, lodging information, and information on marine life and aquatic ecosystems to include sea turtle nesting and hatcheries. What makes this area unique compared to other small town beaches like those in Brunswick County?

Nearby landmarks: Surf City NC, New Hanover County, Swansboro, Crystal Coast.

Location: Pender County NC

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Brunswick County NC: Oak Island, Caswell Beach, Holden Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, And Bird Island

This is a discussion topic for the Brunswick County NC coastal region including Oak Island, Caswell Beach, Holden Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, And Bird Island. Readers are encouraged to click on the title link to access comments and discussions. Once we receive yours, we will add it here so that others can learn from you and engage you in your content.

The Brunswick County coastal waters are along the southwestern part of the state and offer incredibly remote white sandy beaches, historical landmarks, lighthouses, and diverse marine life and aquatic ecosystems.

In this forum we are looking for specific information on the lighthouse at Oak Island overlooking Caswell Beach, waterway information along Holden Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, and Bird Island. We are interested in learning more about state parks in the local area along with lodging information. What makes these coastal waters in NC so unique and why does your family consider Brunswick County NC to be the perfect family vacation or weekend getaway? What recommendations do you have for boaters and sailboat owners travelling to the area? What is unique about Brunswick County waterways compared to other small town remote areas like Topsail Island and North Topsail Beach?

Nearby landmarks: Oak Island lighthouse, Intracoastal waterway, Atlantic Ocean, SC state line,

Location: Brunswick County NC

Historical NC lighthouses

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Officials Cancel The 2020 Carteret County Veterans Day Parade In Morehead City; Will Be Shown Virtually Via The MHC American Legion Website

September 18, 2020 News Alerts – Veterans Day Parade Cancelled

Officials cancelled the 2020 Carteret County Veterans Day Parade over concerns of mass gatherings related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. After careful consideration and transparency, public safety won out.

Various leaders within Carteret County who work on behalf of veterans groups came together and decided the best way to honor area veterans is to hold the 2020 parade virtually, which will be hosted on the Morehead City American Legion website as a photo presentation.

If you are interested in learning more about submitting photos of your veteran based group or organization, please call (252) 499-0146.

NEXT: Community college announces new Coronavirus cases.

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NC Sheriff Announces 9 New Arrests In Operation One By One Targeting Drug Trafficking.

September 18, 2020 – NC Crime

Sheriff Asa Buck and narcotics detectives in Carteret County, NC announced 9 new arrests in Operation One By One which is a collaborative effort by District Attorney Scott Thomas, municipal law enforcement agencies in the county, and the sheriffs of Craven and Pamlico counties.

At the opening of this operation, narcotics detectives believe that once the operation is concluded it will yield close to 100 arrests.

Booking photos from the announcement by clicking the title link.

NEXT: The arrest of Raymond Etheridge on 60 charges relating to vehicle break-ins.

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Bogue Sound On The Crystal Coast

This is a discussion topic for Bogue Sound along the Crystal Coast. This body of water separates Morehead City, Newport, and Cape Carteret from Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach. MAP.

In this forum we are looking for information on recreation and travel in this area along with natural resources and ecosystems along this waterway. Information on local communities is appreciated.

Nearby landmarks: NC coastal waters near Morehead City, Bogue Banks, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle.

Location: Crystal Coast.

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Cape Hatteras National Seashore And Lighthouse

This is a discussion topic for the Cape Hatteras National Seashore and lighthouse. Readers are encouraged to click on the title link to access comments and discussions. Once we receive yours, we will add it here so that others can learn from you and engage you in your content.

Cape Hatteras is a internationally recognized destination for offshore fishing, diving, and inshore fishing. Hatteras is also known for being the closest land mass to the Gulf Stream which is why it is widely known as a hotspot for sportfishing. Cape Hatteras is also known for it’s historical and iconic working lighthouse, remote beaches, sprawling sand dunes, and small town feel.

In this forum we are looking for information on beach fishing, campgrounds and RV parks, ferry information to and from this area, the cost and times that the public can climb the Hatteras lighthouse, charter fishing information, piers, rules and regulations on beach driving, and other information.

Nearby markers: Ocracoke Island, Frisco, Buxton, Atlantic Ocean, Pamlico Sound.

Location: Central Outer Banks.

Historical NC lighthouses

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Carteret County Elementary Schools Can Open On October 5, 2020 If The District Allows It. Let’s Discuss It.

September 17, 2020

Update September 24: The county board of education met in a special meeting and received a recommendation from Dr. Rob Jackson to open the elementary schools to full-time in-classroom learning starting October 19, 2020.

On September 17, 2020 NC Governor Roy Cooper amended his Coronavirus executive orders to allow elementary schools in NC to re-open to 100% in-person classes on October 5, 2020, and that his staff is still considering primary schools, middle schools, and high schools as they receive updated information from experts.

The governor cited the improving Coronavirus numbers and the likelihood of elementary school aged children becoming infected being low. The governor also said that individual school districts can remain under Plan B or C for elementary schools if they choose, and if a district chooses to re-open fully, parents can still choose virtual instruction.

So, the debate here is, should the Carteret County elementary schools be opened fully, or stay under the current Plan B or C? If the Carteret County schools do open elementary schools fully, will you as a parent or guardian allow your student to return to 100% in-person instruction, or continue to do a hybrid of in-person versus 100% virtual?

Why or why not?

Use the title link to engage us in your comments and discussions and we will transfer them here.

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NC Governor Roy Cooper Says Elementary School Kids Can Go Back To School Full-Time On October 5, 2020

September 17, 2020 – Coronavirus executive order amended.

NC Governor Roy Cooper is amending his stay at home executive order under Phase 2.5 to allow elementary school aged kids to go back to in classroom learning at their schools full-time starting October 5, 2020.

However, the governor also stated that individual school districts will be allowed to either follow his amended decision, or remain at the current Plan B or Plan C districts are working under now.

In short, even though the governor says they can go back to in-person classes, an individual school district can say no and keep 3 day virtual classes and 2 day in-person instruction going.

Furthermore, the NC governor also stated that for districts who decide to open elementary schools full-time, parents can still choose to keep kids under virtual learning. The governor stated that for many families who have elderly persons in the home, the concern for children to bringing the Coronavirus home is still a real concern.

On October 5, 2020, for those districts that open back up for elementary schools, screening, masks, social distancing, and increased cleaning will still be in place.

Governor Cooper noted that the improving Coronavirus numbers in NC and evidence that elementary school aged children having lower likelihood of infection and transmission fueled his decision to amend his Coronavirus executive order.

Governor Cooper said that for all public education schools under the K-12 umbrella, to include pre-K, students at primary schools, middle schools, and high schools, he will continue to listen to medical experts on their opinions and guidance in re-opening these K-12 institutions if data suggests they can open safely.

Cooper’s primary 2020 challenger Lt. Governor Dan Forest issued a statement that he wants all schools re-opened.

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Kure Beach

This is a discussion topic for Kure Beach. Readers are encouraged to click on the title link to access comments and discussions. Once we receive yours, we will add it here so that others can learn from you and engage you in your content.

Kure Beach NC sits between the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Fear River and is a small town in New Hanover County that offers a very small town feel, nourished beaches, clean waters, and very remote sprawling sand dunes. The town is very southern, quaint, and charming.

In this forum we are looking for recreational recommendations and questions that relate to marine life and aquatic ecosystems, natural viewing areas, types of wildlife in the area, things to see and do, and other information like availability of motels and hotels in the area and when the best time to visit is.

Nearby landmarks: Fort Fisher State Historic Site, Carolina Beach, Cape Fear River, Bald Head Island, Atlantic Ocean.

Location: NC Cape Fear Region.

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Carolina Beach And State Park

This is a discussion topic for Carolina Beach and state park. Readers are encouraged to click on the title link to access comments and discussions. Once we receive yours, we will add it here so that others can learn from you and engage you in your content.

Carolina Beach and adjacent state park is a small town in New Hanover County that is between the Cape Fear River and Atlantic Ocean and is a popular beach community for vacationers, tourist, and people from Raleigh who take day trips to the area.

In this forum we are looking for information on places to see and things to do in the way of fishing piers, restaurants, lodging, hotels, motels, RV parks, and campgrounds. What other entertainment is located in Carolina Beach and what features does this state park have? What are some good reason to travel here?

Nearby landmarks: Coastal waters near Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington, Cape Fear River, Atlantic Ocean, and Masonboro Island.

Location: Cape Fear Region

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Masonboro Island And Sound

This is a discussion topic for Masonboro Island, estuarine state natural area, and water resources. Readers are encouraged to click on the title link to access comments and discussions. Once we receive yours, we will add it here so that others can learn from you and engage you in your content.

Masonboro Island is a 7.75 mile barrier island located in New Hanover County between Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach. This area is undeveloped and only accessible by boat. The island is a mix of tidal flats, saltwater marshes, sand dunes, and sandy beaches. The entire island makes up the estuarine reserve, natural viewing area, and outstanding water area.

In this forum we are looking for recreational opportunities for surfing, camping, beach fishing, boating and sailing. Masonboro Island is also known for it’s nesting grounds for loggerhead and green sea turtles, and fishing nursery for spot, mullet, flounder and pompano.

Nearby markers: Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Wilmington NC, Atlantic Ocean.

Location: Cape Fear region of New Hanover County.

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Wrightsville Beach

This is a discussion topic for Wrightsville Beach NC. Readers are encouraged to click on the title link to access comments and discussions. Once we receive yours, we will add it here so that others can learn from you and engage you in your content.

Wrightsville Beach is a small town in New Hanover County that sits just east of Wilmington NC and is a popular tourist destination in the spring, summer, and fall months. This beach is part of the Cape Fear region of the state. This area has dynamic geography in that it has both a land mass that sits on the Atlantic Ocean, then a small waterway called Banks Channel, then a inner section that is along the Intracoastal Waterway.

In this forum we are looking for things to do and see in this area, opportunities for lodging, hotels, motels, RV parks, and campgrounds. We are interested in knowing good restaurants to visit, how many fishing piers are in this town, and how the beaches are setup. What is nightlife like in Wrightsville Beach?

Nearby markers: coastal waters near Masonboro Island Estuarine Reserve, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington, University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Location: Cape Fear Region in New Hanover County.

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Newport NC Man Receives 60 Charges After Alleged String Breaking And Entering Spree Over Labor Day

September 16, 2020 Carteret County crime in NC

The local Sheriff’s Department announced the arrest of Raymond Nicholas Etheridge, 31, of Newport on 60 charges relating to a string of alleged vehicle breaking and entering and received a $19,000 bond. The alleged breaking and entering happened over the Labor Day weekend and involved at least 20 vehicles in Morehead City and Newport.

Raymond Etheridge has prior convictions relating to vehicle break-ins.

At the time of his arrest, he also allegedly was in possession of methamphetamine and heroin, and detectives say that he had outstanding warrants.

Mugshot and booking photo via the title link.

NEXT: The arrest of Mark Hall for attempted murder.

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Currituck Sound

This is a discussion topic for the Currituck Sound. Readers are encouraged to click on the title link to access comments and discussions. Once we receive yours, we will add it here so that others can learn from you and engage you in your content.

Currituck Sound is a body of water that is 33.14 miles in length and 9.32 miles at it widest. This sound is bordered by the Virginia state line, Knotts Island, the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge, Corolla, Duck, Southern Shores, the Highway 158 bridge, North River Game Land, and the town of Currituck.

In this forum, we are looking for travel and vacation suggestions and recommendations for boating, sailing, inshore fishing, things to see and do along these coastal waters, and popular destinations along with any other information relevant to the Currituck Sound. Additionally, recommendations on lodging, hotels, motels, RV parks, and campgrounds is appreciated.

Nearby markers: Atlantic Ocean, Currituck National Wildlife Reserve, North River Game Lands, Corolla, and Kitty Hawk.

Location: Southern Northern Outer Banks

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Currituck National Wildlife Refuge

This is a discussion topic for the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge under the protection of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Readers are encouraged to click on the title link to access comments and discussions. Once we receive yours, we will add it here so that others can learn from you and engage you in your content.

The Currituck National Wildlife Refuge is located along the NC coast and borders Virginia. This area was established in 1984 and is an important coastal barrier island ecosystem for many marine mammals, shorebirds, and wintering waterfowl. The area consists of 8,316 acres and is known for it’s maritime forests and shrub thickets, grassy sand dunes, sandy beaches, and wetlands. This refuge is open year-around to visitors and supports a ranger’s office.

In this forum we are looking for information on trails and camping opportunities, recreational activities centered on birding, kayaking, canoeing, beach fishing, and personal experiences while visiting this landmark.

Nearby markers: Knotts Island, Virginia, Corolla NC, and the Currituck Sound.

Location: Northern Outer Banks bordering the State of Virginia, Atlantic Ocean, Currituck Sound.

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Shackleford Banks (Island) Wild Horses (Banker Ponies)

This is a discussion topic for Shackleford Banks, an island on the Crystal Coast where a herd of wild horses (also known as banker ponies) live. Readers are encouraged to click on the title link to access comments and discussions. Once we receive yours, we will add it here so that others can learn from you and engage you in your content.

Shackleford Banks is part of the U.S. Parks Service and sits adjacent to Cape Lookout, Back Sound, Harkers Island, and Beaufort NC near the Rachel Carson Wildlife Reserve. Shackleford is uninhabited by humans and only accessible by private boat or passenger ferry. There is no infrastructure on the island. The area is literally just sand dunes, beaches, and wild horses, but it is a popular destination for locals and tourist in the summer months. Shackleford is part of a chain of barrier islands along the southern Outer Banks that is home to hundreds of species of shorebirds and marine life.

In this forum we are looking for information on cost and frequency of passenger ferry boats that take people to this island, the ability to camp on the beaches overnight, beach fishing, conservation of the banker ponies and sea turtles, the marine ecosystem that flourishes in the area, and other information.

Nearby landmarks: NC coastal waters near the Rachel Carson Wildlife Reserve, Cape Lookout, Harkers Island, Bogue Banks, and Back Sound near the Pamlico Sound.

Location: Crystal Coast, Eastern NC

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Carteret Community College Announces Three New COVID-19 Cases On September 15, 2020 For A Total Of Now Five Cases

September 15, 2020

Carteret Community College administrators announced that 3 additional persons who work or attend school on-campus have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

This makes for a total of 5 cases where students or staff members had access to the campus while having the virus, even if asymptomatic.

NEXT: Bomb threat cleared by law enforcement at CCC.

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Ocracoke Island And Lighthouse

This is a discussion topic for Ocracoke Island and lighthouse. Readers are encouraged to click on the title link to access comments and discussions. Once we receive yours, we will add it here so that others can learn from you and engage you in your content.

Ocracoke Island is a well known and famous island only accessible by the NC Ferry System and private boat. The ferry system takes both vehicle and passenger travel to this island several times a day. The island is known for it’s small town feel, restaurants, small locally owned shops, remote and nourished beaches, sand dunes, beach fishing, and “pirate feel” to it’s atmosphere and culture. The Ocracoke lighthouse is not open to the public for climbing.

In this forum we are looking for information related to times and cost to take ferry boats to this island from Cape Hatteras and Cedar Island, suggested restaurants, information on the Ocracoke lighthouse, hotels and motels (or other lodging), and good marinas for sailboat owners to dock for the night. What is the nightlife like at night? Are there any tours in the area to help vacationers learn about the history,culture, and heritage?

This forum is open to any information and questions about Ocracoke Island.

Nearby landmarks: Portsmouth Island, Pamlico Sound, Cape Hatteras

Location: Outer Banks, Eastern NC

Historical NC lighthouses

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Cape Lookout National Seashore And Lighthouse

This is a discussion topic for the Cape Lookout National Seashore and lighthouse. Readers are encouraged to click on the title link to access comments and discussions. Once we receive yours, we will add it here so that others can learn from you and engage you in your content.

The Cape Lookout National Seashore and lighthouse is managed by the U.S. National Parks and is open year-around to visitors. Travel to this park is by private boat or passenger ferry only. This landmark features rural and spacious beaches, miles and miles of remote sand dunes, cabins for camping, world-class beach fishing, history, and the perfect vacation getaway for families who want to enjoy a night on the beach and just get lost.

In this forum, we are looking to hear about your experiences when visiting Cape Lookout and surrounding barrier islands and waterways. We are interested in hearing about ferry service operations that service this park, the cost and hours the lighthouse is available to be climbed, the cost and amenities when renting a cabin, best tackle and places to go beach fishing, any unique rules and regulations when accessing the park, diving offshore shipwrecks, wildlife refuges along this national seashore, camping, and more.

Nearby landmarks: Shackleford Banks, Portsmouth Island, Pamlico Sound, Core Sound.

Location: Southern Outer Banks, Crystal Coast.

Anything goes as long as it has to do with Cape Lookout.

Historical NC lighthouses

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Carteret Community College Officials Responding To Potential Bomb Threat At The Wayne West Building

Update: At 12:17 pm, an all clear was given by law enforcement and Carteret Community College officials announced that students and staff can return to classes in the Wayne West Building.

September 15, 2020 Breaking News

Law enforcement, EMS, and rescue officials responded at 11:17 am on September 15, 2020 for a reported potential bomb threat at the Carteret Community College Wayne West Building.

Students and staff are currently evacuated while an investigation is being conducted. As of 12:00 pm there is not an all clear from officials.

NEXT: Beaufort courthouse closed after judicial staff member test positive for Coronavirus.

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Assault With A Deadly Weapon Intent To Kill, Attempted Murder Charges For Newport NC Man

September 2020 NC Crime News

Mark Hall Jr is in the Carteret County jail charged with 5 counts (4 felonies) and facing a 1 million dollar bond. The charges include 2 counts of first degree attempted murder, 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, and 1 count of injury to personal property.

Mark Hall Jr was admitted in to the local detention center on September 13, 2020 at 7:40 pm.

Allegedly, Mr. Hall was reported to have swung a large machete at two women on Chatham St earlier in the day. Neither woman was hurt.

Arresting agency is documented as the Newport NC Police Department.

Mugshot and booking photo via the title link.

NEXT: Leovigildo Angel arrested for alleged child pornography charges.

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Beaufort Courthouse Closed From Monday, September 14 Till Wednesday, September 16 For Cleaning

Update 9:00 PM: Sources now confirm that the courthouse is being cleaned after a judicial staff member tested positive with Coronavirus.

September 14, 2020 News

The Chief Justice of the NC Courts and local officials announced that the Carteret County courthouse in Beaufort NC will be closed Monday, September 14 through Wednesday, September 16 for cleaning.

Under executive order, all NC courthouses are operating under reduced capacity because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

The announcement regarding the Beaufort courthouse did not specifically say that the facility was closing for cleaning because a staff member or someone from the general public was/is COVID positive.

If you have a court date for Tuesday or Wednesday, you are encouraged to talk with your attorney or call the clerk’s office if you are not represented by an attorney.

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Discussions On Local Military Bases Camp Lejeune, Fort Bragg, Cherry Point, And Pope Air Force Base

September 2020

This is an information post and discussion thread on four local military bases that we know about in the Eastern NC cities of Jacksonville, Fayetteville, Havelock, and Goldsboro.

Camp Lejeune is located in Jacksonville, NC and is a Marine Corps base.
Cherry Point is located in Havelock, NC and is a Marine Corps base.
Fort Bragg is located in Fayetteville, NC and is a Army base and home to the 82nd airborne.
Pope Air Force Base is located in Goldsboro, NC and is now attached to Fort Bragg.
Coast Guard bases in Cape Hatteras, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, and Wilmington.

Please use the title link to enter our discussion area.

Suggested discussions could include military relocation, asking questions about the local communities these bases reside in, buy, sell, and trade items, specific travel related information, or anything else that pertains to the topic.

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Crab Shack Restaurant In Salter Path NC Closes TEMPORARILY After Staff Member Test Positive For Coronavirus

September 12, 2020 News In Salter Path NC

The owners of the Crab Shack Restaurant in Salter Path NC announced on September 12, 2020 that they are closing the restaurant TEMPORARILY after a employee tested positive for the Coronavirus.

The announcement went on to state that the owners will be testing all employees and the restaurant will stay closed until all results come back, and that the decision to close is for public transparency and for the safety of all staff and patrons.

Considering their generous interest in transparency and public safety, please consider patronizing the Crab Shack after they reopen.

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Swansboro NC Information And Public Interests

September 2020 – Swansboro NC Information and public interests discussions

Swansboro, NC is a coastal town in eastern Onslow County within Eastern NC. The nearest bordering county is Carteret County and it is 12 miles from Jacksonville NC where Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base is located.

This local area is mostly residential with small businesses supported by minimal national chain businesses. The downtown area is known for it’s seafood restaurants, coastal themed art galleries, and novelty shopping.

This NC city has a strong culture and heritage relating to commercial fishing and recreational fishing, and well as festivals relating to coastal heritage.

The main highway through Swansboro is Highway 24 which also runs through Carteret County and Jacksonville NC.

Surrounding cities include Cedar Point and Hubert. This town also has a ferry service that takes passengers over to Hammocks Beach State Park.

Swansboro sits near the Atlantic Ocean, Bogue Sound, and the White Oak River with several parks overlook.

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Family Vacation Questionnaire During The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

September 2020

This is a survey and discussion forum article asking if people cancelled planned family vacation to any NC destination in 2020 or 2021 due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

As a tourism based website, we are interested in events such as this to help us gauge better ways to deliver travel related information.

In 2020 or 2021, did your family cancel any planned vacations? If so, what area of Eastern NC, Western NC, or Central NC were you planning to visit?

Did your decision to cancel have anything to do with needing to visit the area using commercial airline service from your hometown?

Was your decision to cancel related to concerns over tourism areas typically having mass gathering at resorts, beaches, or other attractions in the state?

If none of the above, what other concerns did your family have?

Or, if you did not cancel a vacation, what was your reasoning?

It should be noted that during the height of the pandemic, there were no travel restrictions in place for those visiting the state from other states via airline or train service.

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NC Phase 2.5 Reopening Of Kids Parks Under The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

September 2020

In early September of 2020, NC Governor Roy Cooper issued an executive order outlining the reopening of kids parks in the State. The executive order was entitled Phase 2.5 reopening which dealt directly with the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Prior to the NC Governor’s order, all recreational parks were closed.

Under Phase 2.5, parents and guardians are still strongly encouraged to practice social distancing, hand washing, and using a mask for a child at play.

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Emerald Isle Police Investigating Possible Suicide After Man’s Body Found In The Water

September 11, 2020 – Emerald Isle News in NC

Emerald Isle Police are investigating a possible suicide after 56 year old James Melvin of Emerald Isle was found along a shoreline dead with an alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police began their investigation after a passing motorist reported a man lying in the water. Upon arrival, police found Mr. Melvin and recovered a firearm in the immediate area.

An investigation is ongoing.

NEXT: New coronavirus cases announced at local schools.

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Local County Man Arrested On Child Pornography Charges (Sexual Exploitation Of A Minor)

September 10, 2020

Arrests this week include Leovigildo Angel, 49, of Newport, NC for 3 counts of alleged third degree sexual exploitation of a minor. Mr. Angel is currently in jail on a $300,000 secured bond.

Detectives with the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, along with Pine Knoll Shores Police Department, Atlantic Beach Police Department, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, and U.S. Homeland Security Investigations participated in the investigation.

A third degree sexual exploitation of a minor charges stem from the alleged sharing and possession of sexual based images or video of any person under the age of 18 years old.

Leovigildo Angel has a first appearance on Friday, September 11, 2020.

Mugshot and booking photo via the title link.

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Carteret County Schools Confirm 4 New Coronavirus Cases On September 10, 2020

September 10, 2020

School officials in Carteret County NC confirmed 4 new cases of coronavirus at 3 local schools.

3 people at White Oak Elementary.
1 person at Bogue Sound Elementary.

According the media release, there was no information pertaining to whether those that tested positive being students, teachers, administrators, or other staff members.

NEXT: New Shevans Park Opens.

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Shooting Investigation Underway On East Hedrick Drive In Morehead City NC On September 9, 2020

Update September 10 at 7:00 am: There is a considerable social media viral post stating that this is a murder investigation. In reality, no information is being released at this time and there is no indication that anyone died as a result of this shooting.

September 9, 2020

The Carteret County Sheriffs Department just announced that late this afternoon law enforcement responded to a shooting on East Hedrick Drive in Morehead City in which one male victim was transported to the hospital then flown to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville.

The sheriffs department did not release any other information about the investigation, but we will update this article as more information is received.

The media release did not specify why law enforcement responded to the residence on East Hedrick Drive, or if anyone is in custody.

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East Carolina University ( ECU ) COVID-19 Coronavirus Cases Reaches 1,084 Students Positive

September 2020

Since on-campus classes started on August 10th, ECU officials say that exactly 1,084 students have tested positive for the Coronavirus making it the first university in NC to surpass the 1,000 cases mark. However, state officials say that UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University should cross the 1,000 student mark by next week if the current trend continues.

Officials at all 3 universities speculate that off campus mass gatherings at fraternities and sororities have lead to these numbers.

Last week, Governor Roy Cooper upgraded restrictions to 50 people allowed at mass gatherings outdoors and 25 people indoors.

ECU police say they have shutdown parties on-campus as they happen.

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