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Beaufort NC Attractions, Information, Interest, and Events. Waterfront Fun, Things To Do, Places To See, And More

Articles related to Beaufort NC attractions, interest, information, events, and things to see on the waterfront continue below the video.

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Things Are About To Get Busy in Beaufort NC!

Let’s take a look at some new places to see once the area starts growing from a specific event. What are the projections? (Find Out Now)

A Rum Distillery?

Yep, there is a businessman in Beaufort who wants to create a distillery in the heart of the tourism district. And he just might succeed too! Learn more about this attraction and place to see once it’s up and running (Go Now)


Looking to hang out with some friends and enjoy some music and drinks specials along the waterfront? Check out these Beaufort attractions (Review)

Astronaut Michael Smith Beaufort Historical Marker

Learn More about the life of the famed Space Shuttle Challenger pilot, his early life, education, and awards (Go now)

Lawyers Specializing In Child Custody

Looking for a directory of lawyers that specialize in child custody? (Discover Them Here)

Rachel Carson Reserve And Taylors Creek

Information about wildlife viewing, wild horses, and the historical importance of the waterway off of the Beaufort Docks. This is a must see public attraction and destination if you are visiting the community (Go now).

Compass Hotel and Resort Public Comments

Article encouraging public comments on the new Compass Hotel and Resort that is coming to the area. How will this development affect the local economy, tourism, and still maintain the quaint southern charm of the town? Filed under Beaufort NC attractions and interest. (Read More)

Where To See The Wild Horses on Carrot Island?

Many tourist and visitors to the Olde Towne love the wild horses and ponies on Shackleford Banks and Carrot Island. This is information on where to see them along the docks and Front St. (Read More)

New Gallants Channel Bridge Replaces the old Grayden Paul Drawbridge

Video and information on the new Gallants Channel Bridge which replaced the old Grayden Paul drawbridge that has served the community since 1950 and represents growth and expansion in to the Crystal Coast town. Also, this new bridge is part of the I-42 corridor project. (Read More)

Carteret County Parks and Recreation Department

Public information on sports programs, events, summer camps, Special Olympics, senior games, and playgrounds housed under the umbrella of the parks and recreation department. (Read More)

Where are the microbreweries serving craft beer?

Interests and attractions article listing all microbreweries serving craft beer in the Olde Town. Also serves as a request for information article. (Read More)

Boats and Yachts on Taylors Creek

While strolling along the boardwalk along Beaufort’s waterfront you will have the chance to view some great motorboats, sailboats, and yachts that stay at the Beaufort Docks year around or temporarily while traveling up the east coast in transit to the Bahamas or Northeast. This article contains video of many of the sights you will see along Taylors Creek and downtown. (Read More)

Farmers Market

Located at the county courthouse under the large oak trees each Saturday from 8:30am till 1pm is the Beaufort Farmers Market which is a collection of local musician and artists, farmers, food producers, chefs, artisan laborers, and others that create and make local high quality products (Read More).

Driving Front Street

Front St in Beaufort NC travels the entire length of the waterfront and passes many of the staples of this quaint historic community. From Front St, you can view the docks, Queen Ann’s Revenge, the Dockhouse, Clawsons Restaurant, Front St Grill, many historic homes, and locally owned shops, wine bars, and restaurants this beautiful town has to offer (Read More).

Historic Homes and Tours

Given that Beaufort NC is the third oldest town in North Carolina, you should expect to see many historic homes dating back to the early 1700s. Many of these homes open their doors for tours and are registered with historical agencies. The perfect time to see these homes is in the Spring when the Azaleas are blooming. This is a must article and video of what you can expect to see in old downtown. (Read More)

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum offers tourist and other visitors the chance to view the entire heritage of Beaufort NC and is a great attraction to learn about our coastal waters, it’s history dating back to the days of Blackbeard the pirate, boat building, and commercial fishing. This museum is a great attraction hosting events about area culture. (Read More)

Michael J. Smith Airport

Michael J. Smith airport is Carteret County’s only municipal airport with no commercial service in or out of this coastal community. But it is home to many private aircraft and jets flown by locals and visitors to this historic town. Michael J. Smith airport does have an operational FBO for refueling, avionics repair, and aircraft repair. This airport is named after astronaut Commander Michael Smith who piloted the ill-fated Challenger Shuttle that exploded shortly after takeoff in 1986. Commander Smith was a native of Carteret County and Beaufort. (Read More)

Old Burying Ground

Located at the 400 block of Ann St and a stop on all ghost tours in Beaufort NC is the Old Burying Ground cemetery with grave sites and tombstones dating back to the very early 1700s. But be warned, this place is unnerving to say the least. The Old Burying Grounds is open every week day for self guided or professional tours. (Read More)

Grayden Paul Drawbridge (Historical)

The closure of the Grayden Paul drawbridge is clearly a mixture of emotions in the Olde Town with people realizing expansion and growth has to continue, but many wondering about the culture and heritage of NC’s third oldest town which this bridge represents. The new Grayden Paul park will be a new Beaufort attraction and interest once the old drawbridge is dismantled. (Read More)

Radio Island Public Beach Access

Public information on the Radio Island public beach access that offers visitors to Carteret County a place for shallow water, no waves, decreased rip current risk for less experienced swimmers. This area offers free parking, public showers and restrooms, and beach fishing. (Read More).

Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

Public information directory listing of divorce and family law attorneys practicing in Beaufort, NC and the Carteret County courts. (Read More).

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2 thoughts on “Beaufort NC Attractions, Information, Interest, and Events. Waterfront Fun, Things To Do, Places To See, And More

  • September 28, 2018 at 1:40 am

    How did Beaufort fare during Hurricane Florence? My wife and I were visiting the area a week before the storm hit.

    • September 28, 2018 at 1:44 am

      There was significant flooding along Front St, lot’s of tree and roof damage to many of the historic homes and shops and restaurants near the boardwalk area. Just about everything from Orange St to the boathouse had pretty historic flooding.


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