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Beaufort NC Growth, Development, & Expansion For Business And Tourism

Request for information article on Beaufort NC town expansion, growth, and development for business and tourism.

Readers are encouraged to use the discussion form below to add insightful information to this document outlining what you think the future will look like for Beaufort and surrounding areas.

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Questions To Start The Conversation

Do you believe that town officials, county commissioners, tourism officials, business leaders, homeowners, historical proponents, and residents can reach an agreement on what the future holds for the local area?

Do you believe these entities can maintain the current charm of Beaufort in the face of rapid population explosion projected to come in to Carteret County in the next ten years?

What local businesses do you see expanding in the next ten years, and what will become of locally owned small businesses in the area once big brands start moving in to the area?

Are you for or against overwhelming, but new economic opportunities for businesses and workers even if we lose the small town quaint feel that the town offers?

In thinking specifically about the historic district and waterfront area, where do you think growth and development will take place that could possibly not take away from the feel we have in the town now?

Where are you fearful that expansion and commercial building will take place that will detract from the small town feel the town has now?

Are you okay with new residential and commercial construction in areas near Highway 101 and heading out of town along the old Highway 70 as long as the tourism feel and olde town feel is maintained in the historic area and waterfront?

What local efforts are currently in place, or about to be put in place, to begin thinking about our pristine environment that is very important to the people who make a living off the land and who value our clean beaches and Maritime culture and history? We are thinking specifically about Taylor’s Creek, Carrot Island, the Rachel Carson Reserve, and other waterways and shorelines in Beaufort.

What efforts will be needed to maintain water quality and cleanliness once a larger population moves in to Carteret County NC?

What are your insights on roads and schools expansion that will be needed as the population grows and visitor growth occurs?

Are you for or against commercial airline service being sought for the Michael J. Smith airport?

Which specific local town officials, commissioners, and politicians are already out front talking about these issues? What are local businesses leaders thinking?

How will all this affect homeowners and the prices of homes and land in the area?

What are some other topics that we failed to mention in this article that is directly related to development in Beaufort NC?

Again, we ask that you routinely share this document on social media sites so that others can give us their insights using the discussion form below.

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