Beaufort NC News: Ann Cobb Hughes Arrested In Carteret County After Domestic Shooting Involving Husband

News in Carteret County for July 2019. Sheriff Department deputies have announced that Ann Cobb Hughes has been arrested after allegedly shooting at her husband through a locked door using a .357 handgun during a domestic disturbance. The incident happened on Saturday, July 20 2019. Deputies say that Mr. Hughes is completely disabled and locked himself in a room during the altercation. At the scene of the alleged crime, deputies say that Mrs. Hughes told deputies “she wanted to kill that bastard.”

Charges in this matter are assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and a bond amount of $2500. A court date for August 2, 2019 is set for this matter.

In a separate matter. Ann Hughes has pending charges for an assault on her 91 year old mother for which she has a October 9, 2019 court date.

Michael Sharp

Michael Sharp

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