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Beaufort NC Places To Stay On Travel And Vacation – Questionnaire

Rather than tell you our recommended places to stay in Beaufort NC, we’re interested in hearing from travelers, vacationers, and visitors to this Carteret County town on their lodging choices when considering motels, hotels, and inns. Readers can add their insights using the comments section below, and we encourage you to subscribe to replies so you can get notified when someone asks you a question or needs more information. Furthermore, we hope you’ll share this article on Facebook and Twitter so others visiting Beaufort NC and Carteret County can learn more about this unique and interesting town.

Bed And Breakfast Locations

Please use the link above for bed and breakfast establishments in this town, be it along the waterfront area, historic district, or within the city limits but not central to the boardwalk area.

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Information we hope to learn about and receive questions about can relate to prices, amenities and accommodations, whether the establishment is pet friendly, location, accessibility to shopping, convenience stores, grocery stores, walking distance to entertainment areas and restaurants, or the downtown waterfront and boardwalk area along Front Street.

Some recommended local attractions to consider are the Beaufort Pirate Invasion, historic old homes tours, the local music festival, and ferry boats to Shackleford Banks and the Rachel Carson Wildlife Reserve.

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Public Information

This section will be populated with particularly relevant discussions on recommended places to stay from the discussion form below.

Local Area Motels, Hotels, and Inns Locations

As NC’s third oldest town in the state, and one known for it’s quaint southern charm, old traditions, maritime culture, and historic homes, it’s widely know Beaufort NC is a perennial favorite for travelers to the area. With that in mind, it’s important to know what visitors and vacationers in this town discovered when staying at local area motels, hotels, and inns.

However, we’re only interested in publishing positive reviews instead of turning this post in to a contest.


What lodging establishments are within walking distance or easy travel to the waterfront and boardwalk area?

What are some unique and interesting amenities and accommodations you discovered at Beaufort hotels, motels, and inns? Did you find pricing varies depending on what time of the year you stay in the local area?

Which establishments are pet friendly?

Which lodging establishments are convenient to central shopping areas, grocery stores, local entertainment, gas stations, or convenience stores?

Would you say Beaufort NC has an abundance of hotels, motels, and inns, a good mixture, or need for new establishments?

When considering places to stay in Beaufort, which one’s offer views of the downtown waterfront area, waterways, surrounding marshlands, or other landmarks in the town?

What places to stay in this town offer a shuttle to and from airports in Jacksonville and New Bern NC, or to other locations in Carteret County? How accessible are taxi services and ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft?

Are there any national chain hotels, or did you prefer to stay in locally owned motels and inns?

Do any establishments in this local town offer a website which has the ability for patrons to see availability of rooms, or to make reservations online?

What are some questions or information you have about places to stay in this town which we did not address in this article?

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