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Beaufort NC Waterfront: What To Expect When Visiting

The waterfront in Beaufort NC is the centerpiece of this quaint and charming southern town along the Crystal Coast in Carteret County, and is home to the majority of entertainment, restaurants, bars, historical relevance, and locally owned shops. Additionally, the waterfront makes up the bulk of the historic district in the town which is well known for it’s splendid gardens and flowers that appear in the Spring months.

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While there is much more to Beaufort NC, this local area is the defined tourism epicenter of the town. If there is a festival, musical event, presentation, tour, or something entertaining happening locally, you’ll find it in this part of the town.

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While we will cover much of what this area of town has to offer, we’re asking readers who traveled and visited this community in the past to use the discussion thread below to make additions to this article, or to provide further insights on what makes this community unique.

Landmarks, Restaurants, Historical Guidance, Shops, And Entertainment

When considering this area on a map, we’re talking about landmarks, restaurants, shops, and entertainment SOUTH of Cedar St and Lennoxville Road, EAST of Sunset Lane, NORTH of Taylor Creek, Carrot Island, and the Rachel Carson Wildlife Reserve, and WEST of Lukas Lane.

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Major landmarks include Taylor Creek along Front St, Carrot Island and the Rachel Carson Wildlife Reserve. Others include the Carteret County Courthouse, the Old Burying Ground cemetery, the N.C. Maritime Museum, Grayden Paul Park along Front St, Fisherman’s Park, Curtis A. Perry Public Park, Oceanview Cemetery, the Beaufort Train Depot, and the Beaufort Historical District and Restoration Grounds.

This town’s history is very much rooted in a olde town feel, southern charm, maritime culture, commercial fishing, and boat building. History is very important in this community as it’s the third oldest city in North Carolina.

From Front St to Broad St is where visitors and travelers will find the majority of old homes and quaint southern gardens. Additionally, along Front St and between Ann St is where one can expect to find most restaurants, bars, shops, historical guidance, and other establishments.

Waterfront In Beaufort NC: Tourism

The Beaufort waterfront in NC is very active in the Spring, Summer, and early Fall months where locals and visitors can be seen walking the waterfront browsing locally owned shops, taking tours of the historic homes and gardens, sitting along the boardwalk enjoying seafood, and listening to live music.

The Beaufort waterfront is also a major port of call for boats traveling up the East Coast of the United States, thus there is considerable boat traffic, docks, and marinas along Taylor Creek.

While walking the boardwalk and Front St, it’s very likely you will see the wild horses of Carrot Island grazing along the banks.

Both the Grayden Paul Park and Curtis A, Perry Public Park are popular places to launch kayaks and canoes in to Taylor Creek.

When considering nightlife while vacationing this local area is, in our opinion, the most robust area for people to enjoy the Crystal Coast in Carteret County.

Taylor Creek and the Beaufort Inlet, which make up the waterfront, are popular waterways for accessing Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout.

If you’re planning on visiting this community, we absolutely encourage you to use the discussion form below to ask questions and tell us about your insights to this area.

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