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Beaufort Town Hall In NC, Government And Department Contact Information

Information and contacts at the Beaufort Town Hall in NC including departments, government officials, council, mayor, and other data. This page will also be updated with news coming from this municipality in Carteret County NC.

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Town Hall Street Address And Phone Number

701 Front Street, Beaufort, NC 28516 | Phone: (252) 728-2141

Fax: (252) 728-3982 | Hours: 8 am till 5 pm Mon-Fri

Town Manager

John Day is the chief executive officer who oversees all departments, enforces ordinances, and implements policies and procedures.

Contact: (252) 728-2141 ext. 230

Town Manager News:

Town Board Of Commissioners And Mayor (Board)

Government body consists of five commissioners and one mayor and is a manager-council form of government. Commissioners are elected every four years and the mayor is elected every two years.

Under this form of government, the town council serves as the government legislative body while the town manager is the chief executive officer.

The council votes on what services the town provides, creates budgets, sets the property tax rate, administers contracts, oversees awarding of bids, buys and sells property, and establishes fees for town services.

The mayor does not vote on the functions above except in a tie, and is the chief presiding offer of the town board.

The Board of Commissioners meet at 6 pm on the second Monday of each month at the train depot located at 614 Broad Street. Work sessions are at 4 pm on the fourth Monday of the month and meets at the Town Hall conference room located at 701 Front Street.


Ann Carter
John Hagle
Marianna Hollinshed
Charles McDonald
Sharon Harker (Mayor Pro-Tem)
Everett “Rett” Newton (Mayor)

Contact: (252) 728-2141

Commissioners’ News:

Mayor’s News:

Administrative Staff

Samuel Bell – Assistant Town Engineer
Michele Davis – Town Clerk/Human Resources Officer
Rachel Johnson – Parks & Events Coordinator/Public Information Officer
Greg Meshaw – Town Engineer
Scott Walker – Parking Manager
John Day – Town Manager

Contact: (252) 728-2141

Finance Department

Mission: Maintains the town’s accounting and reporting system, records receipts and disbursements of town funds, administers payroll, property and liability insurance, purchasing, debt administration, budgeting, develops fiscal policies that ensure a financially strong and effective government and responsibly manages and supervises the overall financial position of the town.

Finance Director: Christi Wood (252) 728-2141 extension 240


Office Manager: Lorraine Barber, extension 221
Finance: Shawn Cherry, extension 235
Customer Service: Shawn Licari, extension 229
Utility Billing Specialist: Melodi Lyerly, extension 228

Fire Department

Mission: Provides 24 hr a day fire protection and response, public safety services, public information, public education about fire hazards, and community involvement. The Beaufort Fire Department works in conjunction with volunteer firefighters in the community.

In a fire emergency please call 911

Fire Chief: Tony Ray, (252) 728-4325

Administrative staff:

Fire Marshal: Richard Lovick
Fire Administrative Specialist: Tammy Turek
Captain Sean Cowley
Captain Jack Fleeman
Captain Rex Gibble
Lieutenant Brian Beck
Lieutenant Brian Davis
Lieutenant Craig Hoffman

Contact: (252) 728-4325

Police Department

Mission: Beaufort NC law enforcement, public safety, investigation of crimes, community policing.

In a police emergency please call 911

Police Chief: Paul Burdette, Jr., (252) 728-4561

Administrative staff:

Administrative Specialist: Holly Wooten
Detective Sergeant: Daniel Garner
Captain Troy Edwards

Contact: (252) 728-4561

Planning And Inspections

Mission: Protects and promotes Beaufort’s aesthetics, health, safety, welfare and property values by providing professional planning, building inspections, and code compliance services including land use, development information proposals, code enforcement, flood map information, transportation planning, special projects management and grant writing. Supports Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Board, Stormwater Committee and Board of Adjustment.

Maintains: Beaufort Master Plan, Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan, Building Inspections, Code Enforcement, Hazard Mitigation Survey, Historic Preservation Material, and Land Development Ordinances.

Town Planning Director: Kate Allen, (252) 728-2142 ext. 223

Administrative staff:

Building Code Administrator: Tobbie Bowden, extension 227
Building Inspector/Code Enforcement: Jeremy Ganey, extension 226
AICP/Planning & Inspections Director: Kyle Garner, extension 222
Administrative Specialist: Debbie Graham, extension 224

Contact: (252) 728-2142

Parks And Recreation

Mission: Maintenance at 9 town parks and recreation facilities, promoting events, promoting healthy exercise for kids and families.

Contact: Rachel Johnson (252) 728-2141, extension 231

Public Works

Mission: Repairs and maintenance on area streets, storm water management, parks and public restrooms, bike and pedestrian paths, sidewalks, landscaping, and public right-of-ways.

Public Works Director: Mark Eakes, (252) 728-7166

Public Utilities

Mission: Maintenance and repairs to the town sewer system, wastewater treatment plant. Additionally, water meter readings, maintaining water quality, and storage and waste from wastewater.

Public Utilities Director: Donovan Willis, (252) 838-0197

After hours emergencies:

Water: (252) 241-3525

Sewer: (252) 241-5164 or (252) 723-9760

Beaufort Town Hall News

Ongoing information and data related to various departments and announcements from government officials.

January 2020 – Town officials officially notified Carteret County Commissioners that they have 90 days to fill several vacancies on volunteer boards, or the town fill fill them. The vacancies consist of one seat on the Town Planning Board and two seats on the Board of Adjustment. These seats fall under the extra-territory jurisdiction (ETJ), thus these appointments legally falls to county commissioners so this move by Beaufort officials is uncharted territory.

November 2019 – Town officials announced a high water rescue vehicle donation from George Aswad of Island Express Ferry Service that will aid in fire, EMS, and police rescues during events like hurricanes and tropical storms.

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