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Where Are The Best Places To Exercise And Walk In Morehead City NC?

Where are the best and safest places for walking and exercise in Morehead City NC? In this article we are going to point residents and visitors to places that we know about, but we also want readers to use our comment form at the bottom to give us further information on where you walk so that others can join you. This list includes free places to exercise, thus does not include commercial businesses that offer facilities for this activity.

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Rotary Park

Rotary Park in Morehead City has an outdoor .8 mile walking loop that is open to the public. The park is open from dawn till dusk and is routinely patrolled by the police department.

Morehead City Information
Bridges St Extension

Bridges St Extension has a walking track that runs from West Carteret High School to the health department and parallels the street which provides for good visibility. The track is NOT on the street for safety.

Carteret County

Walmart is open 24 hrs a day and is a good place to walk around the inside perimeter of the store in cold winter months and provides for optimal safety. And, who does not love to shop?

Calico Creek

On 20th St in Morehead City is a small bridge about a half a mile from Bridges St which has a small boardwalk area which makes for a great nature walk for families and pets.

Discussions and Comments

Are there any walking clubs that regularly meet for physical exercise in Morehead City NC? Where do these groups meet?

What are some locations that we missed in our article that are fun to get physical exercise, that are well lit, and safe?

Are there any kids based or senior citizens based physical exercise meetups in the area?

Do you exercise as a family?

health information on walking.

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One thought on “Where Are The Best Places To Exercise And Walk In Morehead City NC?

  • November 1, 2018 at 6:49 pm

    Exactly one year ago I was 310 pounds and through simply stopping eating sugar and most white foods along with brisk walking daily for about 40 minutes I am now down to 198 pounds. I did most of my exercise between Rotary Park and Bridges St extension area. Never spent a dime on a gym membership.

    Safety is definitely key for those considering this type of exercise if doing it after dark so please find a friend and do it in pairs.


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