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Bettie NC Information, News, And Events In Carteret County

Community maintained events, news, discussions, and information on the unincorporated town of Bettie NC in the down east region of Carteret County. Readers are asked to use the discussion form below, and to subscribe to comments, to add local area information to this article and to ask questions.

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Local Area Down East Data And Demographics

This unincorporated town in the county is located between Beaufort and Otway on Highway 70 and is near North River. This community is the first named area in the chain of communities in the eastern section of the county called Downeast.

This unincorporated area is primarily a residential community that is a noted flood area during weather events like hurricanes and tropical storms because of the town’s placement directly on North River which is fed by Core Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. This community has a zip code of 28516 and is in the 252 area code.

While traveling on Highway 70 immediately leaving Beaufort near the junction of Merrimon Road and 70, travelers are greeted with picturesque scenery of low lying waterways, marshlands, signs of the thriving commercial fishing industry, maritime wildlife, and the harvesting of shellfish like clams, shrimp, and oysters.

All government actions are handled by the Carteret County Commissioners and law enforcement is handled by the Sheriff’s Department. There is no dedicated police force in Bettie NC. Rescue and fire services are handled by local volunteer groups.

Traffic is noted to be significant in this community when there is a wreck or other accident on the North River Bridge.

There are no schools located in this unincorporated area.

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What significant landmarks and historical references are in this community that visitors need to see and experience when driving through the area?

Besides Beaufort and Otway, what are the other closest down east communities that have lodging like campgrounds, RV parks, motels, or hotels?

Are there any locally owned convenience stores, gas stations, or brand name stores and businesses in this community?

When considering recreational activities and tourism ideas, and considering North River, what recreation interests exist around boating, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, hunting, and birding in this local area? Are there any wildlife shelters or wildlife refuges?

As a local, tell us about the history of Bettie NC.

How far of a drive is Bettie from places like Morehead City, Newport, Atlantic Beach, and Cedar Island?

What is the average cost of owning a home or other real estate in this area? What are some considerations when owning a home or other real estate given this community’s low lying ground?

Is this Carteret County community typically evacuated during hurricanes and tropical storms?

What news information can you add to this article on Bettie?

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