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Questions About Big Game Deep Sea Fishing Along The Outer Banks NC

We hope this will be an ongoing discussion about big game deep sea fishing along the Outer Banks of NC from Cape Hatteras, through the offshore waters near Ocracoke Island, Cape Lookout, and Crystal Coast.

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Readers are encouraged to use the no registration discussion form below to have discussions centered around boats and equipment needed to reach these waters, charter boat fishing, weather, different species of fish people seek, questions about the best places to go offshore, and any other discussions.

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Distance Information

Here are some rough distances from areas along the Outer Banks of NC to the Gulf Stream.

From Cape Hatteras: 26.75 miles.

From Ocracoke Island: 41.89 miles.

From Cape Lookout: 52.89 miles.

From The Crystal Coast: 77.55 miles.

Offshore Gear Discussions

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Again, using the discussion form below, tell us about types and sizes of boats needed to go big game deep sea fishing along the Outer Banks. We realize smaller boats with considerable horsepower and electronics can safely reach these waters, but for this article we’re interested in boats specifically built for deep offshore waters, heavier seas, larger crew, and larger fish.

Considering rigging and rods and reels, what is needed for bigger fish? Considering electronic equipment and other navigational gear, what’s the minimum needed to venture out to these waters safely?

Relating to any type of gear, what other information do you want to discuss?

From Cape Hatteras

With Cape Hatteras being the closest approach to the warm Gulf Stream waters, it’s not hard to see why this location is a world-class area for people seeking large big fame fish. Using the discussion form below, and denoting your questions and information is about leaving from Cape Hatteras NC, what do people need to know?

From Ocracoke Island

While just south from Cape Lookout, Ocracoke Island is a very busy port with it’s own culture of deep sea fishing in NC and experienced charter captains. For this section, what is some good advice for those navigating to deep warmer waters in search of blue marlin, swordfish, white marlin, and other species?

From Cape Lookout And The Crystal Coast

While just south of Ocracoke Island, the Crystal Coast and Cape Lookout are home to the world famous Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament and are heavily invested in offshore big game fishing even though the Gulf Stream is a bit farther than places mentioned above. Leaving marinas and docks from this area in search of blue marlin, white marlin, tuna, wahoo, dolphin, and swordfish, what are some important discussions centered around boat size, horsepower, electronics, navigation, fishing gear, and experience needed when leaving Cape Lookout and the Crystal Coast near Carteret County?


We realize the species of fish located along the Outer Banks of NC and the places mentioned in this article are the same, and that generally speaking the same types of gear and equipment are the same. However, using the discussions below, help us dig deeper in to specific information as it relates to deep sea big game fishing along the Outer Banks of NC.

What is some information specific to Cape Hatteras, Ocracoke Island, Cape Lookout, and the Crystal Coast?

External Information On Species

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