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Biking Paths And Trails In Carteret County NC For Recreation And Exercise

With biking paths and trails becoming more popular for recreation and exercise in Carteret County NC, we want to establish a community maintained directory of places you and your family found in communities within the county so others can learn more about places to ride locally. After reading our article, please use the discussion form at the bottom to give us your insights and recommendations for places others can check out and experience.

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Below, we will give readers some hints at places we found in the communities of Morehead City, Beaufort, Newport, Atlantic Beach, and Emerald Isle, but our list certainly won’t be an exhaustive directory. Can you help us below?

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Where Are Some Good Places To Go Locally?

With 25 miles of sandy beaches stretching from Fort Macon State Park in Atlantic Beach to Emerald Point in Emerald Isle NC, residents and visitors have a natural no obstacle, no traffic path which makes for a beautiful ride on a bicycle either during the early morning or late evening hours when the sun is rising or setting.

If you’re riding late morning, mid-day, or early afternoon, just remember to watch out for kids playing in the surf and other pedestrians.

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Our second recommendation is Front St in Beaufort NC where you have 3.23 miles of roadway which stretches from the waterfront area along Taylor Creek to the boathouse at the eastern end of the town. This is a great ride to view Taylor Creek, the Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve, and the wild horses on Carrot Island.

Much of this path does have a sidewalk, but most will require riding on the road with cars.

For a great morning or afternoon leisurely ride near Fort Macon, park at the free public lot at the bathhouse, and ride to the main road and you will see a path directly across the main road which travels parallel with the main road to the Coast Guard Station at the east end. Continue riding and turn left directly after the main gate to the Coast Guard Station to continue your travels around the fort and ending at the beach.

It should be noted if you continue through the parking area, this path and trail will contine, but turn in to soft sand which is not good terrain for bicycles.

These three trails and paths should get you started, but if you find more in areas near Harkers Island, Newport, and Cape Carteret, please be sure to let us know using the discussion form below. When submitting information, tell us whether the bike trail or path shares the area with car traffic, what length in miles the trail is, and level of endurance it takes to complete the trip.

Lastly, it should be noted that much of Highway 58 which travels from Atlantic Beach to Emerald Isle has a sidewalk if you want to experience the island on your bicycle while getting great exercise.

From the ABC Store in Atlantic Beach, there is a bicycle friendly sidewalk which stretches to the Doubletree Hotel in Pine Knoll Shores NC which makes for a great recreation experience while seeing much of the island (Bogue Banks).

We aren’t sure if the entire stretch of Highway 58 has a sidewalk, so if you experience and area that does not on your ride, please let us know using the form below.


Where in Carteret County NC do people meet for organized long distance and endurance biking? Are there any clubs which meet on a regular basis?

Where are some good trails and paths in down east communities outside of Harkers Island?

Where in the county can someone find intermediate and expert level off-road riding for mountain bikes?

Safety Tips For Kids

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