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Where Is Bird Shoal In NC? Near Beaufort NC Along The Rachel Carson Reserve In Carteret County

Local community discussions and information on Bird Shoal which is located at the southern end of the Rachel Carson Wildlife Reserve near Beaufort NC in Carteret County.

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Information we encourage you to discuss can include information on costs to take ferry boats to this barrier island, discussion on boating in general, the closest boat ramps to this location, types of wildlife found in this area, the wild horses which live on the reserve, good places to find seashells, and any other information specific to this attraction by visitors.

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Nearby landmarks include: Radio Island, Shackleford Banks, Taylor Creek, Cape Lookout, Bogue Banks, the Beaufort waterfront, Pivers Island, and Fort Macon.

Accessibility: Only by private boat, jet ski, canoe or kayak, or local passenger ferry boat based in Carteret County NC.

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Distances: From Radio Island: 348 feet at the closest point, from Pivers Island: 834 feet, from Taylor Creek: 1,876 feet, from Fort Macon on Bogue Banks: 3,176 feet, from the Beaufort NC waterfront: 2,000 feet, from the Shackleford Banks closest point: 1.08 miles, from Cape Lookout: 9.81 miles.

Activities: Sunbathing, nature and bird watching, photography, viewing the reserve wild horses, hunting for sand dollar, conch shells, shark’s teeth, and other intact seashells, boating, fishing, and education on coastal wildlife.

Map And Aerial View

Where Is This Island And How Do You Get There?

While many visitors may refer to this area as an island, Bird Shoal is actually a natural shoal and is part of the network of other land masses which make up the entirety of the Rachel Carson Wildlife Reserve under the control of the U.S. Parks Service.

This land mass runs north to south at the west end and is approximately 1,976 feet, then turns east and narrows extending another 1.65 miles.

The overwhelming majority of human traffic to this shoal will be found at the west end which faces Radio Island, but visitors can be found walking the narrow east end where you can expect to see and find amazing coastal wildlife, wild horses, shorebirds, intact seashells and shark’s teeth, secluded beaches, and protected nature formations.

For many locals and visitors to the area, Bird Shoal is a easily and fast accessible secluded area away from the busy and crowded beaches on Bogue Banks, and is an alternative to Shackleford Banks because of quick access by kayaks and canoes. However, please understand the inlet separating Radio Island from Bird Shoal is a VERY busy thoroughfare for motor boats.

For swimmers, the waters have minimal waves and no rip currents.

Convenient and paid passenger ferry service can be found at the Beaufort waterfront and runs back and forth from this shoal between one half hour to every hour.

There are no stores or public restrooms on this land mass.


What’s the cost for ferry service to this shoal from Beaufort per person and for children?

When heading out to this area for the day, what are some recommended supplies to bring when thinking about sun protection, food and water, and other needs?

What level of experience does someone need when kayaking and canoeing to this area?

Where is the best place to see the wild horses?

Can you walk from this area to other parts of the reserve during low tide?

What types of seashells did you find when walking the beaches of Bird Shoal in NC?

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