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Blackbeard The Pirate NC Archives – Coastal History And Discussions

Archives, discussions, news and information on Blackbeard the pirate in NC, his boat The Queen Anne’s Revenge which sank near the Beaufort Inlet in Carteret County, artifacts such as cannons salvaged from the wreck site, and updates on the legal issues that surround Blackbeard’s boat.

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macon beaufort inlet shackleford
Location of the Queen Anne’s Revenge in the Beaufort Inlet between Shackleford Banks and Fort Macon in 28 feet of water.

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Early 1700s: Blackbeard was known to travel up and down the East Coast and Caribbean looting ships and shipwrecks. History teaches us that his crew spent a lot of time near Beaufort NC and coastal waters around the area and writings tell us that his favorite anchorage was in the Pamlico Sound near Ocracoke. Additionally, history tells us that he lived in Bath NC for a period of time where he got married and received a pardon for his treacherous ways. Blackbeard eventually lost his life in 1718 near Ocracoke after he was killed by Lieutenant Robert Maynard of the British navy.

November 21, 1996 – A search team from the private research firm Intersal, Inc found the wreckage of the Queen Anne’s Revenge and several artifacts were removed from the site. These artifacts included several of the cannons from the ship, a bronze bell, an anchor, a pewter platter, cannonballs, and pottery fragments were also recovered. In total, over 300,000 artifacts have been removed from the Queen Anne’s Revenge

October 24, 2014 – One of the many cannons from the ship was brought to the surface by crews in Carteret County NC.

November, 2019 – While the State of NC owns the wreckage site, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments over a lawsuit brought by a production company who spent 2 decades documenting artifacts from Blackbeard’s ship where they contend that the State of NC illegally used materials from their work while the State says they have rights to the production material and artifacts because the ship is in state waters and they own the site. The Supreme Court is expected to reach a decision on this matter sometime in 2020.

Beaufort Pirate Invasion

This is an annual festival that takes place along the waterfront near Taylor Creek and Front St depicting what it must have been like in 1718 when Blackbeard disbanded his crews near Beaufort NC and they came aground in the Carteret County town. The festival is marked by a reenactment of this scene and other historical events and exhibits about the history of the famous pirate and his famous ship in the Beaufort Inlet.

Maritime Museum In Beaufort NC

If you are visiting Beaufort in Carteret County and want to learn all about this history of this famous pirate and his travels near the coastal region in NC, the Maritime Museum on Front St has extensive materials and educational exhibits for view by the public.

Blackbeard NC History

Discussions using the comment form below.

As a historian, what more can you add to this document as it relates to the long history about Blackbeard’s real name, where he was born, where he grew up and lived before becoming a pirate.

What was happening in America in the early 1700s that allowed Blackbeard to take advantage of looting shipwrecks on the East Coast and coastal waters in NC?

Have you done extensive research on the wreckage of the Queen Anne’s Revenge and artifacts recovered from this site?

Have you taken part in the annual festival known as the Beaufort Pirate Invasion and if so, what more can you tell our readers about events and the history surrounding this festival?

What do you make of the U.S. Supreme Court deciding to hear oral arguments as it relates to the wreckage site and the production material taken during the time period that excavation of the site was underway?

Noted locations in this document: Bath NC, Pamlico Sound, Beaufort Inlet, Ocracoke Island, Shackleford Banks, Fort Macon.

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