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Bogue NC In Carteret County – Military, News, Town Data

Reader questions and information on the small town of Bogue NC in western Carteret County between Cape Carteret and Newport along Highway 24. Data is this article will focus on local government, growth and development in this area, news, town hall and town council, events, and things happening at the Bogue Auxiliary Landing Field owned by the Marine Corps.

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Local News Updates

This section is maintained for new data we learn about after publication which relates to Bogue NC, military data at the landing field, and other area information.

Local Area Data And Demographics

Town government is handled by a mayor, mayor pro-tem, four councilman, and a planning board. Town hall is located at 121 Chimney Branch Road, Bogue NC, 28570. The phone number to the town hall is 252-393-3055 and they are open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 9 am till 1 pm.

This community has no police force and law enforcement is handled by the sheriff’s department and highway patrol on Highway 24. Fire, rescue, and EMS is handled by the western Carteret Fire And EMS stations. The U.S. Forestry Service handles all fires within the Croatan National Forest.

This town’s zip code is 28570 and it’s located in the 252 area code.

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Local Discussions

Given Interstate 42 and the projected population boom, what do you think growth and development looks like in this town over the next decade or two? What is the average cost to own a home in this area? Are there any rentals in this area and what is the average rent?

Tell us everything you know about the Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field and it’s relation to the surrounding community.

What schools do children who live in this area attend?

What are some additional recreational activities people enjoy in this community when considering the Croatan National Forest and Bogue Sound? Are there any public boat ramps for people to put boats, sailboats, canoes, kayaks, and jet skis in to Bogue Sound?

When traveling through this community, or vacationing nearby, what are the closet RV Parks, campgrounds, motels, and hotels? What is the nearest town that has considerable shopping, gas stations, and convenience stores?

Are there any nature trails, wildlife refuges, or viewing areas in Bogue NC?

Other than Bogue Sound and the Croatan National Forest, what are some other significant landmarks in this small NC town? Are there any historical places of interest?

We’re asking elected officials and residents in Bogue NC to use the discussions below to add information to this document as it relates to town hall, planning boards, councilman, elections, voting, the town council, and any issues relating to government, rules, regulations, and restrictions set forth by elected officials in this community.

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