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Bogue Sound Information In NC. Carteret County Waterways And Things To Do

Information on Bogue Sound in Carteret County and Eastern NC with a focus on things to do such as boating, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, bird watching, photography, and exploring miles of saltwater marches and the nature and wildlife that populates them.

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Things to do bogue

Bogue Sound extends from the westernmost portion of Carteret County near Cape Carteret and Emerald Isle to central parts of the county near Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, and the N.C. Port.

There are currently 2 bridges that cross over this body of water to get to the Bogue Banks communities of Emerald Isle, Salter Path, Indian Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Atlantic Beach, and Fort Macon State Park.

On the mainland side of this waterway are the communities of Cape Carteret, Cedar Point, Broad Creek, Newport, and Morehead City.

At it’s widest in the middle, it is 2.48 miles wide and is roughly 25 miles long.

Noted Attractions And Public Interest On This Waterway

  • Fort Macon State Park
  • N.C. Port
  • N.C. Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores
  • Carteret Community College
  • The point at Emerald Isle
  • Coast Guard Station Fort Macon and Coast Guard Station Emerald Isle
  • Bogue Field Auxiliary Landing Field (U.S. Marine Corps)

Things To Do

The sound is an important transit route from homes and marinas in the county to places like Hammocks Beach State Park, Shackleford Banks, and Cape Lookout.

The western part of this waterway is dotted with a patchwork of saltwater marches teaming with shorebirds, gulls, ducks, and aquatic mammals.

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In the central and eastern part, there is mostly open waters with an intricate network of saltwater marshes and living shorelines extending in to Broad Creek, Cedar Point, and Pine Knoll Shores.

Bogue Sound does have navigational buoys marking channels for boaters.

This waterway is very popular for recreational fishing, especially near both bridges where pylons extend in to the water offering great feeding opportunities for fish.

Since 1970s, locals and visitors to the area have enjoyed sandbar parties on exposed sand in the middle of the waterway during low tide.

The sound is especially vulnerable to flooding communities along it’s banks during hurricanes and tropical storms, especially at high tide.

Noted Waterways Surrounding This Area

  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Beaufort Inlet
  • Bogue Inlet
  • Broad Creek
  • Newport River
  • Back Channel


What are some recreational things to do in this area that we missed?

If you are on foot, what is the best photography vantage point to explore the area and take pictures of wildlife and nature?

Where are the best places along this body of water to explore by kayak or canoe?

What is the best vantage point to see sunsets over the water in the Spring, Summer, and early Fall months?

What is there to do at Hoop Pole Creek near the Atlantic Beach nature trail if you have a flat bottom boat?

What other Bogue Sound information did we miss that should be in this article?

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