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Brevard Tourism In NC – Vacation And Visting Ideas In Transylvania County

This is a community maintained forum on Brevard NC tourism, vacation, and visiting ideas for this beautiful Transylvania County town nestled deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Readers, please use the discussion form located at the very bottom to ask questions or supply information about this town. Additionally, please share with friends and family so others can explore and discover unique and interesting things about this mountain town.

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Information we hope to receive and get questions on about Brevard NC can include information on lodging relating to hotels and motels and RV parks and campgrounds. Other data can include information on restaurants, bars, and entertainment, places to see live music, historical landmarks, major attractions, suggested and recommended things to do and see when visiting or on vacation, music festivals, art galleries, resorts to consider, wildlife and nature links within area national parks, and other tourism related data for Transylvania County.

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map of the town
Local Area Discussions

This section will be populated with particularly relevant discussion on Brevard NC from the discussion form below.

A community member reported that Sliding Rock is within 5.43 miles of this town and features a natural waterfall and icy cold pool located at the bottom which visitors can slide in to. This attraction sees about 500-1000 visitors a day in the summer months.

Relating to festivals, a local resident alerted us to Mountain Song Fest and LEAF Fest. For attractions, this same reader suggested Looking Glass Falls and noted the Blue Ridge Parkway runs through the community.

Local Area Things To Do And See When Traveling

This medium-sized town located near the Pisgah National Forest about 35 minutes south of Asheville NC is a unique mix of a very modern and progressive downtown consisting of art galleries, quaint folksy shops, restaurants, and there are signs everywhere of the local traditions of mountain music and entertainment. However, once you step outside of the downtown area, things change considerably. Just outside the town limits you’re literally transported to a time where living off the land, building things by hand, strong traditional values, music, and farms are the norm and valued.

Significant festivals include the Brevard Music Festival, Mountain Song Fest, LEAF Fest, White Squirrel Festival, Old Time Street Dance, Annual Art in the Park, Music Center Summer Institute & Festival, and Burning CAN.

Discover Other Interesting Activities For This Region

Significant landmarks include the Pisgah National Forest, Franklin Park, Transylvania Heritage Museum, Sycamore Flats Recreational Area, Transylvania Activity Center, Silvermont Mansion, Brevard Memorial Stadium, Kuykendall Group Campground, and DuPont State Recreational Forest.

Primary roads for travel include Highway 64 and Highway 276.

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Town Information

Considering lodging opportunities, what are some recommended hotels and motels, as well as RV parks and campgrounds in the community?

For someone visiting the community, where can they find mountain cottages and rustic cabins for overnight stay? What are some amenities and accommodations these cabins and cottages have which make them unique and interesting?

Considering the Pisgah National Forest, and other national forests and nature viewing areas, what recreational activities centered around fishing, whitewater rafting, trail hiking, and bird watching exists for people on vacation?

What are some well known historical landmarks in Brevard NC someone traveling to the community or visiting might want to see?

As someone staying in the community interested in live music, traditional folk music, and authentic mountain music, where are the best places to find venues for this type of entertainment?

What is the history of the white squirrels which inhabit the area?

What types of wildlife and animals can one expect to find if exploring and discovering this mountaneous region when hiking or walking trails?

What are some scenic overlooks in Brevard NC which gives visitors and vacationers views of the changing leaves in October, in addition to the beautiful valleys which cut through various mountains?

Where can someone traveling to Brevard find waterfalls and places to go whitewater rafting?

What species of fish are commonly caught in streams, creeks, and lakes around this community?

What are some pointers to tourism guides in the downtown area which take people on tours of various shopping areas, art galleries, music centers, museums, and historical centers?

What are some recommended times to visit this community?

What makes Brevard NC a unique experience compared to other mountain communities in NC?

What are some recommended things to do, places to see, major attractions, and points of interest in this town?

What questions and information do you have about Brevard tourism which we did not touch on in this article?

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