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Broad Creek NC Near Newport, Bogue Sound, And The Croatan National Forest In Carteret County

Reader maintained information and discussions on Broad Creek NC near Newport, Bogue Sound, and the Croatan National Forest in Carteret County along Highway 24. Readers can interact with this document by subscribing to and using the discussion form located at the bottom of this page. Information about this census-designated unincorporated area includes county commissioner meeting information pertaining to government, news, events, and other data.

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News Reports And Updates

This section maintained for after publication updates and information we learn about Broad Creek NC events, news, and other data relating to county commissioner meetings.

Local Community Data And Demographics

This census-designated unincorporated community in the county is located within Newport NC and sits between Bogue Sound and the Croatan National Forest on Highway 24 and is largely a residential area with only a few small locally owned businesses.

This community has no official government and is under the authority of the Carteret County Commissioners. This small community in NC has no police department, and law enforcement is handled by the local sheriff department and highway patrol along Highway 24. The western Carteret County fire and EMS station handles medical emergencies, fires, transports to the local hospital, and other rescues.

The U.S. Forestry Service is very active in this town and mostly handles forest fires and enforcement of rules and regulations within the Croatan Forest.

The zip code is 28570 and the area code is 252.

Significant roads in this community include Hibbs Road, Highway 24, 9 mile Road, and Broad Creek Loop Road.

This community is under significant threat of forest fires during times of the year when the weather and environment is dry.

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Local Area Discussions

Considering the Croatan National Forest and Bogue Sound as significant landmarks in Broad Creek, what are recreational activities usually enjoyed by residents and visitors in these landmarks? What opportunities for boating, sailing, kayaking, and canoeing exist? Are there any nature trails and wildlife viewing areas within the forest? Are there any state and federally protected wildlife refuges near this community?

Tell us more about historical importance and public interests in this community in Carteret County.

What is the median cost of owning a home or other real estate in this community? How do you think home prices and real estate will be affected by significant growth and development after Interstate 42 is completed? Are there any mobile home parks or apartments in this community catering to renters?

How far of a drive is this community from locations near Morehead City, Beaufort, Cape Carteret, Bogue, Emerald Isle, and Atlantic Beach?

As stated earlier, this small town is primarily a residential community with only a handful of businesses, but do you see this changing with growth and development? What are some well known businesses in this community? Do you see new businesses starting in this area within the next decade?

What is some other data, demographics, and information about Broad Creek NC which we failed to mention in this article, and please continue to send us news and events information for this residential community. What questions do you have?

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