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Broad St Information In Beaufort NC And Carteret County

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Information we hope to receive questions about and get data on can include historical tours in the area, things to do and see along this road, when the best time of the year is to see the amazing flower gardens at historical homes, road closures and construction, well-known public landmarks, other attractions, and public transportation on Broad St.

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Local Information

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Historical Tours And Flower Gardens

This 1.06 mile 2 lane paved road sits in the middle of the Beaufort NC historic district and runs from east to west beginning at the Beaufort Inlet and continuing to near Lennoxsville Road. This thoroughfare has a considerable number of certified historic homes along it’s route and is a well-known street for tours.

Intersecting roads include Moore St, Orange, Turner, Craven, Queen, Pollock, Marsh, Live Oak, Gordon, Fulford, Elm, Yaupon, and Gerald St, along with Hedrick Lane and Gallants Lane.

Major landmarks include the Carteret County Courthouse and Sheriff’s Department, the Beaufort Train Depot, and Ocean View Cemetery.

This road runs parallel to Ann St which is to the south of this route, and Cedar St which is to the north.

This road is within walking distance of the Beaufort Waterfront and numerous lodging facilities, restaurants, and entertainment center located on Front St.

This thoroughfare is extensively popular for the many azalea and wildflower gardens which populate the area in the Spring months.

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Public Discussions

As a past visitor or local, what recommendations do you have on the best time of the year to experience the azalea gardens and take a historic homes tour?

As a local, does this street need additional stop signs or perhaps new traffic lights to make the flow of traffic better?

What restaurants, hotels, and motels are within an easy walking distance from this area?

What significant landmarks did we miss on this road?

What are some cautions when driving this road? Like many roads in this area of Beaufort, does this thoroughfare have a lot of potholes which need frequent repairs?

Are there any school zones located along this road?

What is the median cost of home ownership or land along this street?

Are there any commercial businesses located on this road which we missed?

As a local or past visitor to the town of Beaufort NC, what questions do you have, or what information do you want to discuss about Broad St which we did not cover in this article?

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