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Browns Island Near The Straits And Harkers Island In Carteret County NC

We want this to be a local area community discussion about Browns Island NC which is located along a body of water called “The Straits” just northeast of Harkers Island, and south of the towns of Straits, Gloucester, and Marshallberg. For reference, this land mass sits between North River and Core Sound and is only accessible by boat or other watercraft.

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Browns Island in North Carolina is uninhabited and void of any commercial businesses, public facilities, homes, or paved roads. However, this local area is home to a considerable amount of coastal wildlife and ecosystems which supports a very diverse group of animals and organisms indigenous to this area of the coast.

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If accessing this island by kayak or canoe, the quickest and safest approach will be from Harkers Island. We know of no commercial ferry boats which takes visitors over to this area.

GPS coordinates are 34°42’19.6″N 76°31’58.9″W

boating to Harkers Island

Browns Island NC Local Area Questions

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Below is a group of questions we think anyone considering visiting this island, or wanting more information about the local area will like to know. If you’re a past visitor to this area, or a local living near Harkers Island in Carteret County, then please use the discussion form at the bottom to add information to this article.

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Because there are no boat ramps or public docks on this land mass, what types of boats can easily and safely access the beaches of this area?

Before heading out to explore Browns Island, what recommendations do you have for someone looking to spend a half day, or full-day there?

Is this place good for amateur and professional photography of wildlife and nature?

Is duck hunting allowed in the winter months? What local, state, or federal agencies have jurisdiction in this area?

Is this a good place to go beach fishing?

What types of birds and land animals are typically found on this land mass? What are some examples of natural ecosystems which are located on this island?

Is there any specific history someone should know about this area?

When navigating this area by boat, what are some specific hazards to watch out for when considering shoals and sandbars? Are channel markers easily visible and functioning?

What types of recreational activities will someone find useful along the waterways of this island?

Is overnight camping and beach fishing allowed? If so, which specific agencies have jurisdiction?

Are there any wild horses which live here like one will find on other barrier islands in Carteret County?


Running north to south, this island is approximately 5,059 feet or .96 miles. Running east to west, this area is approximately 1.58 miles. The land is made up primarily of thick marsh, sand, and pine trees, although several years back there was a considerable fire which impacted most vegetation.

From Harkers Island, this land mass is only 886 feet away. From Gloucester Point, the distance is 2,975 feet.

Eastmouth Bay and Westmouth Bay are two prominent waterways between Harkers Island and this one.

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