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Builders Meeting Residential And Commercial Growth And Development Needs

In looking at growth and development projections relating to the Interstate 42 project and military expansion at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point, Carteret County NC is already seeing major residential and commercial development in places like Newport, Morehead City, and in the western region near Peletier, Cedar Point, and Cape Carteret.

Considering this, we expect the need for skilled trades to outpace available workers in the area creating a boom we haven’t seen in decades. Home builders in the county are projected to see explosive growth and we wanted to create a section for contractors and builders to discuss these issues.

Please click on this section’s title and use the form at the bottom to leave comments and your discussions will automatically be added to this section.

To maintain the integrity of this section, we ask that all discussions pertain to home builders in the county and new construction.

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