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Business Drive Information In Morehead City NC And Newport

This is a discussions and information resource used by locals and travelers to learn more about Business Dr in Morehead City NC which also extends in to the Wildwood area of Newport. Readers can use the discussion form located at the bottom to add information to this resource and use it to subscribe to replies for any content they add to this database. Additionally, we hope you’ll share this resource on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so more people can join the conversation.

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Information we hope will be added to this database includes new industries and development happening along Buisness Dr, breaking news on road construction, closures, and traffic accidents along this route. Furthermore, data can include information on residential concerns along with commercial interests on this road.

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Latest Information

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Industry And Development

This road is approximately 1.27 miles in length and runs from Old Airport Road in Wildwood extending to Gloria Dawn Road in Morehead City NC. The area this road serves is intended as a business park and commercial area for businesses in this city.

In recent years, this road began to be used in the summer months to bypass traffic on U.S. Highway 70 when traffic became congested as tourist arrived in Carteret County.

Significant intersections include Old Airport Road, Arthur Farm, Greenfield Drive, Azalea Lane, Facility Dr, Miller Farm Rd, Jacob Dr, Ryan Dr, and Gloria Dawn Rd.

Map It And Navigate

Approximately 23 local businesses and city or county offices are located along this road. Incentives (if any) to start a business and have offices located along this commercial park will be discussed below.

Concerning traffic and the flow of traffic, the only stop signs along this route are located at Old Airport Road and Gloria Dawn. There are no lights except for caution lights near a construction area. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour and is enforced by the Morehead City Police Department and Carteret County Sheriff’s Office. This road is primarily a 2 lane paved street.

Public Discussions

Is land around this street zoned only for commercial property and business use, or is it also zoned for residential properties?

Are there any business incentives offered by the county or city to have a corporation’s offices located along this route? If so, what are they?

What are some significant cautions when driving this route during the day or night? Is this street prone to flooding during heavy rains or nearby bodies of water? Does this street need additional stop signs or traffic lights? Is this thoroughfare a significant location for traffic accidents and wrecks?

What concerns, if any, are there for this thoroughfare being essentially used as a Highway 70 bypass around traffic in the busy summner months when tourist are entering the county on weekends?

What other questions, information, or data do you have about Business Drive in Morehead City NC which you can share using the discussion form below?

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