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Is There A Buy Here, Pay Here Car Dealership In Craven County Or New Bern?

This article is going to focus on buy here, pay here car, truck, and SUV financing options and dealerships local to Craven County NC, New Bern, Havelock, Vanceboro, James City, Cherry Point, and smaller locations within the county. Readers are encouraged to use the discussion form below to ask questions or give insights, and to use the blue button above to see select retail and used cars, trucks, and SUVs we have access to sell using both traditional bank loans, or via dealership financing.

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For the sake of this article, we use the term buy here, pay here where it’s common to find the terms lot, in-house, and dealership financing in other parts of the state. For this topic, it’s vehicles which are not financed via a credit union or bank, but where the dealer provides the terms, and typically no credit check is done.

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These type deals are done to help people get in to transportation and couldn’t due to past repossessions, or low credit scores.

Question: Is Buy Here, Pay Here Car, Truck, SUV Financing Right For You?

Again, readers are asked to use the form at the bottom to engage us and other readers on this topic. We also hope you’ll consider sharing on social media sites so others can give their input.

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HISTORY: These types of local dealerships exist to help people get used vehicles when their financial situation prevents them from getting a traditional bank loan or credit union loan because of bad credit (or no credit) and past repossessions.

Typically, the terms of the loan are lower than traditional deals.

Local Used Trucks

In-house and lot financing where the customer pays a dealership became considerably convenient in recent years, and especially convenient after 2020 when the prices of new and newer used vehicle skyrocketed and there were supply issues at manufacturers because of worker shortages and business stoppages.

REQUIREMENTS: The requirements to get a car, truck, or SUV at these dealerships typically consist of 1) The ability to show some type of income, 2) Ability to carry full-coverage insurance with lienholder being the dealer, 3) References, 4) Being able to prove local residence, 5) Ability to undergo routine maintenance on the vehicle, and 6) a required down payment.

Local Used Cars

In our research, down payments were either a flat rate, or based on the cost of the vehicle.

Income typically is defined as wages from work, 1099 workers, disability, social security, child support, pensions, and others.

A warranty is typically offered over the life of the loan terms offered by the dealership, but details of coverage differs from business to business.

Who Buys?

New Bern NC And Craven County Insights

In your opinion, are programs like this helping people get used automobiles and back to work and providing for their families?

If you’ve used a program like this in the past and live in James City, Havelock, Vanceboro, or Bridgeton, tell us more about your experience with this program? If you’re someone with past financial problems, would you consider this type of arrangement? Why, or why not?

Using the form below, what information can you provide about buy here, pay here programs at dealerships in New Bern NC and Craven County?

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