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Calico Creek in Morehead City NC (Carteret County)

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Calico Creek is a body of water (estuary) coming from the Newport River (which is connected to the ocean) that quickly narrows as it moves to the west around 20th St. A small bridge on 20th St is the focal point for this area as it is popular for fishing and cast netting because there is a natural funnel of large amounts of fish and bait fish that leave a small body of water when the tide is getting low. However, it is important to note that the area is closed for the taking of shellfish.

This area is also a GREAT place for photography in the summer months because as the sun sets in the west, it is perfectly aligned with the water. Two boardwalks going east and west near the bridge also provides opportunities for photography, bird watching, nature walks, and bike riding.

Calico Creek is located in an area of Morehead City NC called Crab Point. There are several subdivisions that have waterfront property along this estuary. Those subdivisions east of 20th street are able to have docks with boats, but those west of 20th street do not.

If you love bird watching, this estuary is home to many species of shorebirds that coastal Carteret County provides a natural habitat for. It is common is the early morning hours and late afternoons to see people throwing cast nets to catch bait fish.

Kayaking is another opportunity in this estuary to get up close and personal with the many oyster beds that are in the area, birds, and sprawling green reads of grass that are common in the wetlands here on the coast.

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If you have visited this area, what types of fish and bait fish have you caught?

What time of the day is the best to see coastal sunsets?

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One thought on “Calico Creek in Morehead City NC (Carteret County)

  • November 18, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    Calico Creek is one of those off the beaten path kind of places that we pass everyday and enjoy the pretty water as we go over the small bridge. But if you ever decide to stop and park, get out and explore you will notice incredible scenery. It is a great place for photography, nature walks and the many shorebirds, and how coastal marshes grow.

    It is a good place to walk in the evening and get some exercise as well.


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