Cape Carteret Police Respond To Domestic Situation At Lowes Foods Parking Lot Involving RV

On June 5th, 2019, Cape Carteret NC police and other law enforcement agencies responded to Lowes Foods parking lot which allegedly involved a domestic situation between a couple staying in a RV.

Many people on social media noted that there was a heavy police presence in Cape Carteret which prompted local police to issue an advisory asking people to stay away from the area.

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The incident started when Lowes Foods staff found a note in the parking lot asking someone to call 911 for help. The note was found in close proximity to the recreational vehicle ( RV ). According to reports, during the investigation, police quickly decided that they were dealing with an alleged domestic situation involving a couple inside, made contact with the couple, prompting several agencies and a special response team to declare the scene a stand-off.

Shortly thereafter, witnesses to this situation observed a woman leaving the RV and a man on a stretcher being loaded in to an ambulance. Police report that both parties were taken to Carteret Health Care for some level of treatment. Sheriff Asa Buck released a statement indicating that the man involved in this situation was forcibly removed from the RV during the stand-off.

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After the incident, Cape Carteret police issued an all clear for the public and traffic around Lowes Foods was cleared to resume normal operations. There is no word from police or the Carteret County Sheriffs Department about specific charges involving the dispute, specific injuries, or details about this case.

Early information is that a handgun was reportedly involved in the situation, and that several witnesses reported a domestic assault stemming from the location. However, police have not confirmed this information. As of publication, traffic on Highway 24 in Cape Carteret is free and clear.

As of publication, no names were given about the parties involved in this matter.

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Michael Sharp

Michael Sharp

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One thought on “Cape Carteret Police Respond To Domestic Situation At Lowes Foods Parking Lot Involving RV

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    June 5, 2019 at 4:00 pm

    The large multiple agency response to this incident at Lowes Foods is what freaked everyone out and got social media going. I understand multiple departments responding given initial complaints of a gun, a stand-off situation, and possible violence on a woman and am thankful that law enforcement responded like they did and resolved it quickly.

    I just wish police had some type of staff devoted directly to 24 hour alerts via social media or whatnot so that we aren’t left wondering if there is a crisis.


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