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Car Financing Options In New Bern NC With Bad Credit And Repossessions

Who offers used car financing in New Bern NC for people who have financial problems, bad credit, and past repossessions? The parent group of this website is an organization locally who helps people secure a used vehicle regardless of past repossessions, and other financial problems such as bad credit via what’s normally called a dealership financing or buy here, pay here program.

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Within this article, we’ll discuss the basic requirements to participate in this program, but we encourage interested parties to ask questions via the no registration form below, or to use the CONTACT US form located in the menu above and someone from our organization will contact you very quickly.

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Our organization believes that everyone deserves the right to work and feed their families even when past problems are present, and that everyone deserves a second chance. This is especially true for transportation and the need to work.

Do You Buy Cars Locally?

This program is specifically geared for people in New Bern, NC and surrounding communities in James City, Havelock, Bridgeton, and Vanceboro who can’t get a traditional car loan via a bank, credit union, or other vehicle lending institution.

Using our network of lending institutions, we do attempt to help secure you a traditional loan before diverting you to our buy here, pay here dealership financing option.

Repossessions, Financial Problems, And Bad Credit

Regardless of of past financial problems, here are the basic requirements to participate:

  • To have 6 references.
  • Some type of income either from work, disability, or other source of income.
  • Have lived in the New Bern, NC area for 2 years (also applies to James City, Havelock, Bridgeton, and Vanceboro).
  • Ability to maintain full coverage insurance on the car you purchase from us.
  • Understand and comply with our scheduled maintenance program to insure that the car or other vehicle stays in good working order longer.
  • Stay within the allotted mileage per month.
  • Have the ability to put between $1600 to $2200 down.

Are we able to report payments to help your credit? NC does not allow us to report payments to help build your credit, but we do use your good repayment internally so that when you’re ready to upgrade, or purchase a newer vehicle then your already approved with less of a down payment.

Also, if you’re in good standing with repayment and adhere to the maintenance program, if the car you have has extensive repair needs and is not able to be fixed, then we can get you in to another vehicle and automatically roll over the cost of the other car in to the newer one.

If you have bad credit or past repossessions, what questions do you have about our buy here, pay here car financing program for New Bern, NC buyers? Let us know using the form below, or by using our contact form in the menu.

Note: Not all cars and trucks in our inventory are eligible for this program. Please contact us to learn which ones are.

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One thought on “Car Financing Options In New Bern NC With Bad Credit And Repossessions

  • December 13, 2021 at 7:00 pm

    In reply to the previous comment, all buy here, pay here dealerships have a cap on the number of miles someone can drive, so it’s not just a few. I’ve had financial problems for years related to a divorce and can’t get bank financing, so I’ve had to rely on dealers who have this type program and can tell you that you’re wrong, all dealers have this provision.


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