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Used Carolina Skiff For Sale In Morehead City NC. Listings By Length, Horsepower, And Model

Directory of used Carolina Skiff boats for sale in Morehead City NC by owners. All listings are by length, price, outboard horsepower, and model series. Additionally, all listing will include any customization on the boats. This online directory is free for anyone to sell their boat or for buyers looking to put out a request for someone selling.

Thus, sellers are encouraged to check this directory before adding a listing. Discussions about Carolina Skiff boats are encouraged at the bottom of the directory using the form provided.

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2021 Update: This database is now over 3 years old with little to no activity. What else can we do with this page to help sellers find buyers for their boats? Or, for buyers to find sellers in the local area?

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To add a used Carolina Skiff to this database, please Contact Us.

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All boats listed here are active for 90 days. Sellers are free to add as many pictures as they want and are limited to one external video if they choose. We allow you to use as much description as you want so when you submit a boat for sale be highly descriptive. This website, nor any owners or staff, are in any way affiliated with commercial or used boat dealers in Morehead City NC or Carteret County.

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We do not ask for commissions or fees for selling. Its free, as in free. Furthermore, all listing will go out to our social media network after being optimized for search and you are free to add as many items as you want. Once we receive your request to add a for sale item to this site, we will email you to get more pictures (if any) or to inquire about descriptive content that was not listed at the time of your initial request.

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NC Carolina Skiff Sales And Discussions For Morehead City

Discussions and Comments

Have you ever bought a used boat online before? What are some things to consider when doing so?

Have you ever sold a boat online? What are some things to consider?

What Carolina Skiff model do you prefer, and what is the best outboard horsepower when using this boat? What are some great electronics packages to add? What other customization do you prefer?

Where in Morehead City NC and Carteret County waters are these boats primarily used?


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2 thoughts on “Used Carolina Skiff For Sale In Morehead City NC. Listings By Length, Horsepower, And Model

  • March 27, 2022 at 11:04 am

    I am looking for a flat bottom Carolina Skiff boat 18 to 20ft long used for less than 10,000 dollars.

  • November 17, 2018 at 9:06 am

    Great boat for inshore fishing with a proven design.


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