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Carteret County Autism Resources In NC For Parents, Adults, and Children

Community maintained Carteret County NC autism resources and forums for children, parents, adults, and families in Morehead City, Beaufort, Newport, and other locations within the local area.

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Forum Discussions

This section contains links to discussions below from people in Carteret County NC wishing to talk about autism related information.

Considering Morehead City, Newport, and Beaufort, what are some advocacy organizations that exist to help children, adults, and families when one or more members have autism? What are these organization’s address and phone number?

What local area pediatricians are known for working well with kids and teenagers who are on the autism spectrum?

Are there any counselors or specialist in the area who provide ongoing therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other supports to those on the spectrum?

Are there any local groups of parents and grandparents who meet regularly to support each other?

Outside of the medical and counseling systems, what other support systems are in place in the county to help those with autism prosper? What is the latest therapeutic and behavioral modification concepts that help with people on the spectrum?

What is the latest research on autism to help children and teenagers excel in school, to help with social activities, and for older teenagers to help support them with job training and college?

For adults living in the Carteret County communities, what support and advocacy systems are in place in Morehead City, Beaufort, or Newport?

Are there any specialist working in the Carteret County Schools who specifically work with students who have autism?

What specific organizations or treatment providers offer nutrition services, occupational therapy, speech therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and work with local pediatricians on medication management? What types of treatments help with social activities?

What are some medications that are used to treat this issue?

What is lacking in Carteret County NC that needs to change to help support children, parents, adults, and families who live with this challenge?

Are there any groups that meet weekly or monthly?

What are the latest advancements geared towards helping those with ASD excel in the community college or the university setting? What about for job training skills?

Considering the Carteret County Schools and IEPs, what are some areas that IEPs can address to help kids excel educationally?

What are some other areas relating to ASD that this article needs to focus on? Be sure to use the discussion form below to send us information so that we and other readers can begin talking about supports in the county for ASD.

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