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Carteret County Child Adoption In NC – Regulations, Requirements, Laws

Our article on Carteret County child adoption in NC is more of a request for information than it is definitive information on the regulations, requirements, and laws to do so. The hope of this article is to hear from anyone in the county who has given a child up for adoption, or who has adopted a child, and we also want to hear from any local attorneys and Carteret County Department of Social Services officials who work to provide these services.

We also would love to hear from people who were adopted as a child about their experiences.

You can interact with this page by using the comment section at the end of article, and please consider sharing this document with others on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so that they can learn about information presented here and present their information.

If you are a licensed attorney or official with the Carteret County Department of Social Services and want to comment from your official title, please contact us so that we can verify your information before leaving a comment.

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DISCLAIMER: This article is in no way to be considered as competent legal advice or services. This article is not being written by a NC lawyer, or member of a law firm. All information contained in the article and comments is not meant for legal advice or services unless you see the word VERIFIED in the comments. If you need legal advice or information about adoption in NC, please call a licensed attorney.

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Request For Information

Do all adoptions in the State of NC have to go through the Department of Social Services, or can private organizations facilitate legal adoption services? If private organizations are allowed, does social services have to complete any checks of the family home as part of the process? Other checks?

Can anyone in the county adopt? Are there any minimum or maximum age requirements? Income requirements? Health requirements?

Can persons with a criminal record adopt a child? Are there any drug tests that have to be completed before this process can become legal?

How long from start to finish does a legal adoption take in the county on average?

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If a parent wants to give a child up for adoption in the county, what are the first steps? Again, does this process have to go through social services, or can it be handled via private lawyers or private organizations?

In the State of NC, are there any regulations, laws, or requirements that spell out complete termination of parental rights, or are there procedures in place that allow for a birth mother or birth father to have contact with the child after the legal process is finished?

Are there any restrictions on how many children a person can adopt while there are still minors in the home?

In the case of natural siblings, are there any laws, regulations, or requirements on these siblings being adopted together to the same family?

In the case of a birth mother wanting to adopt a child out while she was not married to the birth father, what procedures are in place to prevent something like a birth father not realizing that he fathered a child, found out about the child after an adoption, and files for some type of court action?

On average, what is the average cost to hire an attorney to complete the legal steps in this process and are there any other financial costs to this process in Carteret County NC?

Are there any county mandates that exist for adoptions that require extra things than the State of NC requires?

Using the comment section below, please feel free to answer any of the questions we just presented in this article, or to educate us on other information we did not present in this article.

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