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Carteret County Child Support Enforcement Lawyers In NC

Directory listings, discussions, and information on Carteret County child support enforcement lawyers in NC. This page is NOT to be considered legal services. We are not a law firm, we are not the county enforcement agency, nor is the author of this document a licensed attorney. Any information you discover on this page is not legal services or advice.

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This database exists solely to list lawyers that we know about that are practicing in the Carteret County NC communities of Beaufort and Morehead City in the area of family law.

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Agency Information:

Address: Social Services Building, 210 Craven St, Beaufort, NC 28516

Phone Number: 252-728-3181


  • Noncustodial parent location.
  • Establishment of Paternity.
  • Establishment of child support/medical support obligations.
  • Collection and distribution of child support monies.
  • Enforcement of Child Support Orders.

Public Directory Listings Of Lawyers – This list does NOT constitute a referral.

  • Kimberly Farias with Farias Law PLLC – 4050 Arendell Street, Suite G, Morehead City, NC – (252) 222-4802
  • Debbie Massie with Wheatly Wheatly Weeks Lupton & Massie, P.A. – 710 Cedar St, Beaufort NC – (252) 728-3158
  • Gib Irons with Irons & Irons P.A. – (252) 215-3000.
  • Andrew Wigmore – 214 Pollock St, Beaufort NC – (252) 838-9104
  • Erin Enecks with Enecks and Enecks, PLLC – 801 Arendell Street, Suite 4, Morehead City, NC – 252-222-0216
  • Carolyn Barnett Brady with Kirkman, Whitford, Brady, Berryman & Gordon, P.A. – 710 Arendell Street, Suite 105, Morehead City, NC – 252-726-8411
  • Walter Kistler with The Kistler Law Firm PLLC – 1210 Arendell Street, Suite B, Morehead City, NC – (252) 499-9839
  • Amanda W. Stoufflet with Harvell and Collins, P.A. – 1107 Bridges Street, Morehead City, NC – (252) 726-9050
  • David Ball with Gerrans, Dawson & Ball, PA – 301 Commerce Avenue, Suite 101, Morehead City, NC – (252) 773-0015
  • Deborah Van Dyken – 106 C Professional Park Dr, Beaufort, NC – (252) 504-6262
  • Jessie Corwin with Corwin Law Firm, PLLC – 209 N. 35th Street, Suite B4, Morehead City, NC – (252) 444-1888

Note: While social services collects money and enforces court orders for custodial parents, many of these parents do opt to hire private lawyers. Additionally, if a non-custodial parent is NOT REPRESENTED by an attorney, then that parent can work with the local agency. However, it is highly recommended that if you receive an enforcement action from the local agency, you are encouraged to work with a private law firm.

Divorce Discussions

Note: The local county agency can do paternity testing, but anyone receiving an enforcement action can obtain private DNA testing. Please call social services to inquire about any they recommend.

Custody Discussions

Questions For Readers

Using the comment form below, here are questions for readers as it relates to this area of family law. Information contained in these comments are not to be considered legal advice or establishment of legal services.

If you are a licensed lawyer and wish to comment from a verified account, please contact us.

Moreover, if you use our comment section to discuss services rendered by one of the providers above, we will only publish positive reviews.

As it relates to divorce, custody, or enforcement, what issues may arise when two parents are not married and there is an alleged child born of a non-marital relationship that does not exist when an alleged child is born between parents who are legally married?

Do you recommend that paternity establishment be handled by the local agency, or via private DNA testing?

Within the local county courts, how long is a case heard from the moment an enforcement action is filed till an action is ruled on by a judge?

What remedies are there for custodial parents or non-custodial parents when court orders are not followed?

How long does it take to get an appointment with the Carteret County child support enforcement agency within social services?

How long and what is the average cost for retaining a private enforcement lawyer within the county?

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