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Carteret County NC Discussions On Renewable Energy Versus Oil And Gas From Fossil Fuels In Coastal Regions

This is a public discussion on renewable energy versus production from fossil fuels such as natural gas and oil from NC coastal regions near Carteret County on the Crystal Coast, the Outer Banks, and the beaches near Pender, New Hanover, and Brunswick County.

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We are less interested in hearing viewpoints and talking points from your political ideologies and what these institutions tell you to say and think. We are not interested in ad hominem and monolithic attacks and statements for political purposes or financial gain.

We are interested in independent thinking and arguments based on facts rather than misinformation and propaganda, or from institutions and organizations that have a financial or political interest in pushing incorrect information.

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Carteret NC Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuels, Natural Gas, And Oil Discussions

While you may not immediately see the connection between local tourism and energy production from the Atlantic Ocean, there is very much a connection for Carteret County (and other regions) economic interests, jobs, and growth and development. Discuss these using the form below.

What are your best independent thinking arguments for the use of renewable energy versus energy production from fossil fuels from natural gas, oil, coal, and other non-renewable sources in the Atlantic Ocean?

What are your best researched thoughts on seismic testing, fracking, and oil and gas drilling along the NC coast as it relates to hurting marine life, their ecosystems and habitats, and species of vulnerable sea turtles that inhabit this region versus the need to explore gas and oil to maintain energy independence from other countries?

If you are on one side of this issue, what are some valid thoughts and concerns that your opponents have and where can you meet in the middle on these issues? What are the resolutions to these issues?

Is it possible to be Conservative minded and still advocate for the Liberal side of this issue and vice versa?

What are the impacts on the local economy, for business owners, for land and homeowners, for municipal leaders, and for potential investors along the NC coastal regions and beaches if oil and gas production from fracking and drilling goes forward versus production from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydro?

Do you believe that there are institutions, organizations, and political interests that push one side or the other for financial reasons only rather than what is best for the people of North Carolina, the economy, or environment?

Is it possible to be for renewable energy in NC coastal regions while satisfying your opponents concerns, and is it possible to be for oil and gas exploration while satisfying your opponents concerns? Discuss below.

Considering your NC county, it’s municipal leaders, county commissioners, and non-profits for or against either side of this topic, what are their specific and unique concerns and arguments relating to the local economy, tourism, jobs, and protection of the environment?

If you are a municipal leader or elected official in Carteret County NC or other beach community, what local efforts are being taken to address either side of energy, conservation, and technology locally?

If you are adamantly for fossil fuel energy production in NC, what happens when these sources are over produced and there is no more to use?

If you are adamantly for renewable energy production in NC, what happens if these sources are not enough to produce the energy demands of consumers, or prove to be as equally destructive to the environment?

Focusing solely on hurricanes Florence, Dorian, and Isaiah, are these back to back storms and other weather events a sign of climate change, or do you believe that these weather events are related more to natural cyclical weather patterns that have nothing to do human made patterns?

If your independent and open-minded research led you to one side advocating for either side of this issue without any financial or political self gain, would it change your mind or lead you to think differently?

Public interests: Oil drilling along NC coastal regions, energy production, Eastern NC, fracking, seismic testing, oil and gas exploration, and Carteret County.

Michael Sharp

Native of Carteret County NC, Father to Makayla and Savannah. You can add me on Facebook. Interest include web development, encryption, and other technologies.

2 thoughts on “Carteret County NC Discussions On Renewable Energy Versus Oil And Gas From Fossil Fuels In Coastal Regions

  • September 22, 2020 at 11:45 pm

    Maybe I am wrong, nothing surprises me today, but I think people that live in the county no matter what political side you are one understands that offshore drilling, fracking, and seismic blasting is not right for our coastline. And, because both sides are in agreement, this will likely never happen in our waters.

    From a conservation standpoint, and those that are big on climate change, clean water, natural resources, and habitats, it’s a given that this is bad. But for those that are business oriented, tourism oriented, and development oriented, I think even they understand that these ideas will hurt tourism.

    • July 25, 2021 at 9:49 am

      We also must be ever vigilant to be careful of the sound frequencies emitted from towers, WiFI, Smart Meters, etc. These frequencies are deadly to birds, as well as to marine mammals, turtles and fish. In some areas of the North East, these frequencies caused most all native species in an area to disappear. Interestingly, except for the crows. We must protect our ecosystem, fossil fuels are less damaging than these deadly frequencies. It’s likely these deadly frequencies are the cause of the recent bird deaths. They cause a serious threat too native wildlife.


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