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Carteret County Daycare Centers In NC – Child Parents Survey

Using the information below, tell us the top three reasons you chose your child’s Carteret County daycare center in NC. Readers can subscribe to and submit their information using the comment form at the end of this article.

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We will not publish negative reviews or ratings in this article, but parents are encouraged to submit the name of the daycare center along with a positive review or rating.

Parents Survey In Carteret County NC

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Considering the information below, choose the top three reasons why you would, or did, make the decision to send your children to a particular daycare facility.

  • Friend or family member referral

Include this option if a referral from a close friend or family member helped you make a decision on which childcare facility to send your kids.

  • Internet and social media reviews and ratings

Include this option if you did research on the Internet and noted a childcare facility’s online reviews and ratings in your decision making.

  • Staff to child ratio

Include this option if the number of staff to child ratio was important in determining which center you sent your kids to.

  • Facility programs and learning opportunities

Include this option if you were impressed by the number and diversity of programs the facility has to help children learn. This could include helping with homework and programs that help children learn to be members of a larger community.

  • Hours of operation

Include this option if the daycare you chose was based on their hours of operation, to include evening hours, early morning hours, or even weekend hours.

  • Transportation from school

Include this option if you chose a facility based on their ability to pick your child up from school and transport him or her to the facility.

  • Infants and toddlers

This is an open option where parents can tell us what is important to them about a daycare facility when caring for infants and toddlers who are not of school age.

  • NC State certifications, policies on safety

Include this option if you chose a Carteret County daycare center on their policies and procedures that go above and beyond what the State of NC requires in the area of child safety.

  • Cost

Include this option if the cost to send a child to the facility you chose played a part in your decision making.

  • Social service assistance and grants

Include this option if you made your decision based on a facility working with the local social services program on parent assistance, or working with other local businesses and agencies on grants to help pay for costs.

  • Summer programs

Include this as an option if you chose your child’s center based on the facility providing summer camp programs.

  • Facility cleanliness

Include this option if the cleanliness of a daycare facility was important in your decision making.

  • Playground and play areas

Include this option if the safety and diversity of playground and play areas for kids was important in your decision making.

  • Location

Include this option if the location to your home or work was important to you.

  • Diversity of staff

Include this option if the diversity of staff members caring for kids was important to you.

Again, please use the comment form at the bottom of this article to provide discussions on these options or to suggest other options.

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