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Carteret County Defense Attorney Information in NC – Felony Crime

This document will list Carteret County NC defense attorney information for representation in criminal felony crime cases (state or federal), and ask readers to use the comment form below to complete an anonymous questionnaire about what you were searching for when you found this document in a case before the county courts be it in district court or superior court.

This website is NOT affiliated with any of the attorneys listed in this document, nor are we referring you to any specific one. This website, it’s author, and people commenting are NOT licensed attorneys, nor is this to be considered legal advice.

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Local Professionals Handling Felony Criminal Cases In Carteret County NC And The Courts

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Criminal Lawyer Information In Carteret NC

Cummings And Kennedy Law

613 Cedar St Suite A, Beaufort, NC 28516 and their phone number is 252-728-1208.

Contact James Cummings or Joe Kennedy

Full service law firm handling cases involving felony DUI, manslaughter and murder (homicide), sex crimes, aggravated assault, drug crimes, bank robbery, kidnapping and abduction, arson, obstruction of justice, and larceny to name a few.

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Crowe Law Firm

402 Turner St PO Drawer 1190, Beaufort, NC 28516 and their phone number is 252-728-4266.

Contact Roger Crowe or Matthew Godwin

Full service law firm handling court cases involving drug crimes, larceny and burglary, DUI/DWI, felony assault, domestic violence, homicide (murder), rape and sexual assault (sex crime), manslaughter, and arson to name a few.

Wheatly, Wheatly, Weeks, Lupton, And Massie Law Firm

710 Cedar Street, Beaufort, NC 28516 and their phone number is 252-728-3158.

Contact James (Jim) Lupton

Full service law firm relating to felony cases in Carteret County NC ranging from drug crimes, DWI, credit card fraud, money laundering, identity theft, embezzlement, and motor vehicle theft to name a few.

Kirkman, Whitford, Brady, Berryman, And Gordon Law Firm

710 Arendell Street, Suite 105, Morehead City, North Carolina 28557 and their phone number is 252-726-8411.

Contact Carolyn Brady

Full service law firm located in Morehead City NC handling criminal defense felony cases ranging from drug crimes and arrests, rape and sexual assault, other sex crimes, kidnapping, felony domestic violence, DWI/DUI, arson, bank robbery, and larceny to name a few.

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Felony Crimes Discussions

Readers of this document can use the comment form at the bottom to respond to questions anonymously. Nobody from this website will contact you, nor will any of the lawyers listed above. All questions will relate to Carteret County criminal defense in the district and superior courts and will focus on felony criminal cases only and not cases such as Family Law.

What were you searching on the Internet when you came across this document?

What type of crime are you, a family member, spouse, or friend charged with? (i.e. Class A, Class B1, Class B2, Class C, Class D, Class E, Class F, Class G, Class H, or Class I)

Is your case being handled in the district court or superior court?

When you were searching the Internet, were you looking to hire a county defense attorney, or doing research on criminal sentencing and crimes?

Are you, a family member, spouse, or friend being prosecuted as a repeat or habitual offender?

How many past felony convictions do you, a family member, spouse, or friend have?

What is the average cost to hire a local lawyer for these types of case you are charged with? What was the final cost for your defense?

Did the local district attorney’s office offer you a plea deal? Did you accept it or go to trial?

How long from the date you, a family member, spouse, or friend were arrested for a local crime until the day you were convicted, acquitted, or accepted a plea deal?

How many years in prison were you, a family member, spouse, or friend facing as the result of your charge? What did he or she end up serving in prison as the result of a plea deal (if any)?

Did you hire a Carteret County local law firm and private attorney or use the N.C. public defender’s office?

If the person you are responding about is facing a drug crime, did it involve marijuana, methamphetamine (Crystal Meth), heroin, fentanyl, pharmaceutical prescription based opioid, or other? (list type)

In regards to the law firm you ended up hiring, is this firm in Beaufort, Morehead City, Newport, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, or other location?

In regard to the crime charged with, is this a state or federal charge?

Did the person you are responding about have prior convictions or arrests?

Types of offenses

  • Drug Offense
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder
  • Kidnapping
  • Rape
  • Sexual Assault
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Kidnapping
  • DWI or DUI
  • Domestic Violence
  • Assault
  • Larceny
  • Mail or Wire Fraud
  • Arson
  • Fraud
  • Forgery
  • Computer Crime
  • Theft
  • Aggravated Battery

If using the comment form below, we will not publish negative reviews on lawyers, law firms, judges, or other legal professionals in the local area. Readers are encouraged to publish positive reviews of the county defense attorney used in a felony case.

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