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Carteret County Depression Support Group In NC – Online Community Mental Health Resources

Carteret County depression support group online and NC community resources information. This page is not maintained by a physician, nurse, social worker, therapist, psychologist, or other certified and licensed mental health care provider. All county depression information, to include comments, are not to be considered establishment of mental health care in Carteret County NC.

Readers are asked to share this article on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook so that others in the county can learn about this depression resource. Additionally, we hope you will use the discussion form below to engage with us and others readers on this important mental health topic.

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If you or a loved one are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call 911.

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The purpose of this online page is not to give information, but to receive information from community residents and to gain awareness. At the end of this article is a comments page where you can leave information, ask questions, or give insights to area Carteret County community resources that deal specifically with depression. Additionally, we are going to ask specific questions in this article as a conversation starter to gain more education on this topic, but you are free to use this online page as you see fit.

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Any information received in the comments section purporting to be from a physician, therapist, social worker, nurse, psychologist, or other certified and licensed care provider will first be verified.

Again, any information you read on this page, or in the comments is not to be taken as medical advice or care.

Resources Within The School
Our Questions:

What Carteret County depression support resources are available to individuals (children and adult), spouses, and family members? What after hours crisis resources are available in the community?

What county public health options are available versus private care providers? Are there any in home therapy options?

Are there any specific depression support resources in the county for children, adolescents, or the elderly?

What is the current state of medication therapy in treating depression? What medications have you found most helpful (children and adult)?

What unavailable treatment are needed in Carteret County NC? What is the closest NC city outside the county that provides this level of care?

How have the symptoms of depression affected you or a loved one in the areas of work, recreation, marriage and relationships, parenting, education, or quality of life?

What depression related mental health treatments are available within the Carteret County schools, detention center, or at the Carteret Health Care emergency room?

What can our community do to help end the stigma of depression so that others feel more comfortable getting care? What more can we do on this page to help you?

Learn more at NAMI.org

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One thought on “Carteret County Depression Support Group In NC – Online Community Mental Health Resources

  • December 1, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a doctor in Carteret County who is very in touch with how to treat Depression in an adult? My son is 50 years old and has completely shut down and has a very hard time getting out of bed. We are desperately trying to get him to agree to some type of medication treatment and need a local doctor and other resources that can help him learn more about this condition.


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