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Carteret County Homes For Sale In NC – Buyers Guide For Moving

Our Carteret County homes for sale in NC buyers guide for moving to the area is meant for families or individuals who are looking at relocation to the area and trying to choose which community in the county to live in.

This article is not being written by a licensed and professional real estate agent, nor are we an agency. We encourage you to share this article with friends and family on social media sites like Facebook and use the comment form below to ask questions of our staff. Be sure to subscribe to comments to get notifications.

Readers can click on the map below to help orient them to towns and communities that we reference in this article.

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Home Sales In Carteret NC By Municipality

Bogue Banks – The strip of land from Atlantic Beach to Emerald Isle NC where you will find homes of the greatest for sale value in the county given the proximity to the ocean and sound (the body of water between Morehead City and Atlantic Beach).

Bogue / Cape Carteret – This area is a small community that borders Onslow County and is perfect if you will be working at the military bases in Jacksonville NC. Waterfront properties in this area will still be high priced, but homes more inland and in communities going North on Highway 58 will be moderately priced.

Newport – Fast growing area in Carteret County that is set to explode in residential growth in the next 10 years as Interstate 42 nears completion. Living in Newport is a good choice if you will be working near the Cherry Point military base in Havelock and Craven County. Homes in this town will be moderately priced except for subdivisions along Highway 24 that do contain waterfront properties.

Highway 101 – Running from Cherry Point in Havelock to Beaufort NC, highway 101 is another area set for an explosion on residential subdivision growth once the Havelock bypass and Interstate 42 comes online. Currently (2019), this area contains average to moderate prices on properties and is considered somewhat remote.

Beaufort NC – This community is not named on the map above, but it is the strip of land between Morehead City and Harkers Island and is the county seat. The town border runs North to where the water comes to an intersection. Homes along the waterfront near Taylor Creek and the historic district will be high value and high priced homes while homes elsewhere in the town will be average to moderately priced.

Down East – This broad area in Carteret County is everything East and North of Beaufort including Merrimon, Harkers Island, Atlantic, Smyrna, Bettie, Otway, and Cedar Island. Currently, in 2019, homes in this area will be average to moderately priced unless you are buying a home on the waterfront or near a body of water. This area is very remote with limited shopping and commercial businesses especially the farther you go towards Cedar Island.

Morehead City – The largest community in the county with likely the greatest choices in homes for sale in Carteret County NC. Properties and real estate in this community will range from average to high priced depending on where you live. If you are looking at properties near the sound, then certainly properties will be much higher priced.


Again, readers are encouraged to use the comment form below to ask questions. Also, please check back soon as we plan to start the process of listing most real estate agencies in the county on this page, along with other information.

We also ask that you read our two articles on Interstate 42 and the Havelock bypass as this project will completely change the residential and commercial real estate scene locally within the next 6-10 years.

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