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Carteret County Housing Needs After Hurricane Florence. Are Properties Being Condemned?

Is there an emergency need for housing in Carteret County NC after Hurricane Florence due to apartments and homes being either condemned due to damage or unhealthy mold conditions related to flooding and water damage? During and after the storm many social media groups were setup as ways for area residents to get centralized information out about the storm and to find information out about specific relief efforts in the community. In recent days, we are seeing lots of information about people writing to County commissioners and the Governor of NC about this situation so we figured we would try to get an assessment of what is going on.

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10/19/2018 Update:

Carteret County government responds to the housing situation at Crystal Coast Apartments HERE.

FEMA announced they are ready to start their Temporary Direct Housing (mobile trailers) program to directly help county residents currently homeless or in need of housing after the storm.

10/18/2018 Update:

FEMA announced that travel trailers and manufactured homes are on the way for 10 NC counties including Carteret County NC.

“I was just in contact with the NC Legal Aid Disaster Recovery team”

If you were a resident of any complex that was closed due to the storm (ie. Beaufort Towne Apartments, Edenbridge, Crystal Coast Apartments) you can call the NC Legal Aid hotline at 1-866-219-5262. This will allow them to open up cases and look into allegations of illegal activities (such as illegal evictions after the hurricane).

Via Liz Cohen Ponder – Beaufort NC Community Support Group On Facebook

10/17/2018 Update: We are seeing reports on social media that Crystal Coast Apartments residents now have NC Legal Aid working with them and that local government found a warehouse for residents (who have to be out today – Wednesday, October 17, 2018) to store their belongings. Still no official word if their housing will still be available to them after hurricane cleanup and repairs.

10/15/2018 Update: The NC Legislature allocated $33 million dollars specifically for emergency housing needs in local communities under the 2018 Hurricane Florence Recovery Act.

10/13/2018 Update: All residents of Crystal Coast Apartments received notice that they must leave their housing by October 17, 2018. The notice read:

“Unfortunately, in order to complete the repairs, it is required that all residents evacuate the premises as soon as possible. Repairs cannot and will not be completed while the units are occupied”

It is important to note that building inspectors with the Town of Morehead City did not make the determination that residents of these apartments must leave, the management company (Washington State based Cambridge Management which manages low income properties ) gave the directive.

FEMA officials are reportedly working with many residents of Crystal Coast Apartments to help find temporary housing and help with other needs. Many of the residents are appealing FEMA denials for assistance after Hurricane Florence once this announcement by the apartment complex was received.

10/12/2018 update: We understand that several residents are having problems with water damage and black mold in several units at Crystal Coast Apartments in Morehead City, NC. Several residents are noting that FEMA inspected all units after the storm but they have not heard back from the federal agency. Crystal Coast Apartments are located off Mayberry Loop Rd.

county commissioners meetingemergency meeting

Ann Street United Methodist Church, 417 Ann St. in Beaufort, will host a housing fair from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, October 6, 2018.

If you are someone that is currently not living in their primary home due to it being condemned, not condemned but unsafe to live in due to damage or mold infestation, please let us know what is going on and local efforts to address this situation.

If you have reached out to area officials with FEMA, the Department of Social Services, county commissioners, state representatives, or the Governor, let us know what they are telling you about this situation.

Why was this storm so severe?

Does it appear that this situation is widespread and affecting lots of Carteret County residents and families? As of October 3rd, 2018 when this article was written, does the county, state, or FEMA officials still have any shelters open for people displaced by the storm?

If you are someone who was living in an apartment complex, duplex, or other housing situation where you were asked to leave due to some condition, how long are the people that manage these properties saying that you have to leave for?

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Are there actual legal evictions taking place in an effort to get area residents out of unsafe or condemned properties? Are there situations where properties were damaged by the hurricane and the property owners are not rebuilding resulting in many people being effectively homeless?

More information

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2 thoughts on “Carteret County Housing Needs After Hurricane Florence. Are Properties Being Condemned?

  • October 11, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    I know county commissioners, FEMA, several mayors and others interested in the need for temporary housing in the community after the storm met this week, does anyone know what the outcome of this meeting was? Are they talking about bringing in FEMA trailers or looking at vacation homes and RVs and campers that are sitting unoccupied?

  • October 3, 2018 at 9:13 am

    To the Commissioners of Carteret County, Mr. Mansfield, Mr. Comer, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Wheatly, Mr. Farrington, Mr. Cavanaugh and Mr. Smith:

    It has become apparent over the past few days that we have a very serious housing shortage on our hands in Carteret. It’s nearly impossible to come up with a solid number of individuals who have been displaced, but myself and several other private citizens have done our best to crowdsource information to illustrate the scope of this problem.

    Citizens have reported that several apartment complexes have evicted residents due to hurricane damage.

    Among those reports are Beaufort Towne Apartments, with 110 units forced to vacate, Pirate’s Den in Atlantic Beach with about 20 units, Edenbridge in Morehead City with 40 units, Crystal Coast Apartments in Morehead City with about 44 units, and Meadowlark in Beaufort with 9 units.

    That’s more than 200 units – probably around 500 people at the very least. I’m sure there are others in the western end of the county I haven’t heard about yet. I think it’s fair to extrapolate that 1000 or so people living in larger apartment complexes are now, or about to be, displaced.

    Hundreds of people living in privately owned homes or single family rentals have also been displaced.

    It’s difficult to count the number of people who can no longer live in their homes due to storm damage. Individual reports via Facebook indicate that a large amount of people fall into this category – more than we have seen after any storm in recent memory.

    Please take the time to look through these personal accounts of eviction and displacement due to damage. I’ve also had dozens of people from all over the county contact me privately with details of their displacement. These are real people – elderly people, children, people living with disabilities – who have no idea where to turn.

    The federal government is not providing the assistance we need.

    FEMA’s only answer to this so far has been a list of hotel rooms, most of which are 50+ miles away, and most of which are booked up.

    I’ve heard conflicting accounts of whether or not FEMA still provides RVs or manufactured housing. Information is nearly impossible to come by.

    Other coastal counties have the same issue and are taking action.

    Brunswick County has requested FEMA do a pilot program to allow people to live in their homes while repairs are made. Read the Port City Daily story at this link.

    Pender County has set up a system for owners and property managers to share information on available rentals. I’ve seen dozens of places usually not available for rent offered up in the past several days. We need a system to organize this. Read the press release from the county at this link.

    The county needs to take action and inform citizens of the action being taken.

    Private citizens and community organizations have carried the load of providing assistance and information to our citizens for nearly 3 weeks now. Other than announcements about FEMA, D-SNAP, the Leon Mann shelter and the waiving of late fees, the county government has either taken no action to help its citizens, or declined to share any information with us.

    This is unacceptable.

    The citizens are aware that this is a massive problem – one that can’t be solved overnight, but tax-paying citizens deserve both action and information from their government.

    We cannot ask our residents – people with jobs, kids in school and entire lives built here – to pack up whatever they have left and move to another county with affordable housing. The county MUST address this issue immediately.

    Commissioners, please investigate the breadth of Carteret’s housing shortage, talk to other counties about their plans to solve their own housing shortages, work with our state and national representatives to force FEMA to take real action, and keep the people informed.

    Thank you for your attention to this serious matter.

    Taylor McCune
    488 Crow Hill Road, Otway


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