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Carteret County Hurricane Florence Damage Reports, Flooding, Pictures, And Videos From Readers In NC

Carteret County Hurricane Florence damage reports, pictures, links to videos, discussions, and questions. Please use the comment system below to add information to this document. What we are looking for is links to photo albums, videos, residential damage reports from Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Harkers Island and other areas down east so that we can build a historical reference to this storm.

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We also encourage readers in the county or family members outside the area to post information so that we can make connections that people are safe.

Hurricane Florence was billed as a possible Cat 4 or 5 land falling storm that was going to slam in to the Crystal Coast around Emerald Isle and cause extensive flooding, extreme high winds, life threatening storm surge, and regional power outages for many weeks. The storm was predicted to stall over Carteret County and cause havoc. As the storm approached the coast, her wind field expanded and she continued to gain strength.

What a lot of people do not realize is that 99% of hurricanes that Cartert County experiences are ones where the storm comes in to the Caribbean and then travels North up the East Coast as it rapidly dies out. This almost always puts the East Coast on the weak left side of the storm instead of in the dreaded upper right quadrant where all the destructive winds are located.

Florence’s angle of attack did not do this, she came in on a higher plane and traveled more North and North-West, thus subjecting many to the upper right quadrant over many hours.

What Actually Happened

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As Florence made her final approach to the coast, she absolutely started to fall apart. The eye became ragged, dry air got in to the core, and shear further disrupted the south side of the storm and she weakened to a minimal Cat 1 once she made landfall near Wilmington NC.

This storm came within 52 miles of Morehead City before stalling and eventually turning WNW and slowly meandering in to Wilmington.

But here is the surprising part. Florence, even as a Cat 1 storm, was very scary from the hours of 10pm till 6am on Thursday, September 13 and Friday, September 14 2018. For those of us that have weathered many NC hurricanes, this was CLEARLY a different storm even though she weakened dramatically. The squalls associated with this storm were hard to describe. The power unleashed around 2am literally caused fear and almost panic in me and I am known to be fascinated by these forces of nature.

As of 2am on Friday, September 14 2018, there is not one municipality in the county that has power. There is extensive storm surge and flooding in Harkers Island, Marshallberg, and the entire down east region. Currently, I do not have any reports of flooding or damage in Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Newport, or Morehead City. As I write this blog post at 5am, the storm is very much still active and we are expecting high tide shortly.

At my home in Crab Point, I can tell you that the water is encroaching in to my backyard by 20 feet at low tide. I am estimating that we had wind gusts for 7 hrs that were easily 80 mph. There are many large oak trees and pines down, the neighborhood is without electricity, but there does not seem to be any major structural damage to any homes.

At 5am, what we are waiting for is to see what happens at high tide and if the back side of the storm continues to move lots of water. It may turn out that the big story to this storm won’t be her winds, even though they were dramatically intense, but if water will continue to move and surge inland long after the storm moves inland.

So now it is your turn to tell us about your experiences, share pictures with us, and send us links to videos you took in Harkers Island, Atlantic Beach, Morehead City, Beaufort, Emerald Isle, and Newport. We are also looking for damage reports and hope that you will share this page on social media so that we can learn more. Also, we hope that family members outside of Eastern NC and Carteret County will use this page to get information and those inside the county will use this page to get out information.

Our goal is to make this page a single historical repository of Carteret County NC information relating to Hurricane Florence 2018.

I will have pictures and video up as soon as the sun comes up.

Damage Reports, Flooding, And Discussions in Atlantic Beach NC

According to the Town of Atlantic Beach, the following commercial businesses suffered damage during the hurricane:

The canopy that covers the gas pumps at the Scotchman blew over.

The Circle K lost several gas tanks.

Pacific beachwear, the entire store structure from the front is glass, and that glass broke during the storm.

The Crab’s Claw, Hi-Lites and the Windjammer Inn all have roof damage.

The END (not the whole structure) of Oceanana pier was lost as was the Barnacle bar located at the end of the pier.

The dry stack boat storage facility at the Crow’s Nest Marina has extensive damage to it’s facility.

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4 thoughts on “Carteret County Hurricane Florence Damage Reports, Flooding, Pictures, And Videos From Readers In NC

  • September 20, 2018 at 2:06 pm

    I know that fallen tree damage was quite extensive in Crab Point along 20th St out near the Blair Farm area. It appears that flooding was the main problem for many folks while tree damage for others with some getting both.

    • September 20, 2018 at 2:10 pm

      You are correct. I saw no flooding but 8 houses down there was waist deep water. I definitely had fallen tree damage but no flooding while people I know had extensive flood damage and no tree damage. It just depends on what street you live on and what type trees you have.

  • September 20, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    Other than what I saw in downtown Morehead City, what other areas in Carteret County saw considerable flooding?

    • September 20, 2018 at 1:56 pm

      This hurricane was really weird, flooding was reported in many areas, but other areas saw none. For example I live on Emeline Pl and had no flooding but 8 houses down had waist deep water. The areas I heard about is downtown, Crab Point, Front St area in Beaufort, and old Hwy 70 in Newport just before downtown.

      But I am sure there are others.


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