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Carteret County Major Roads And Highways In NC For Vehicle Traffic

All major roads and highways in Carteret County NC for vehicle traffic along with what areas of the community they serve.

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Highway 70 is the most traveled road in the county and is laid out east to west starting in Newport NC (coming from Craven County), going through Morehead City, Beaufort, areas down east finally terminating in Cedar Island at the far eastern section of the county. In Morehead City, Highway 70 is called Arendell St and this road will also be apart of the forthcoming Interstate 42 corridor. This Highway intersects with Highway 24 and Bridges St extension.

Highway 24 in Carteret County runs from western Morehead City through Newport, Cape Carteret, and terminating in Cedar Point just before entering Onslow County.

Highway 58 is the only major road on Bogue Banks and travels east to west along the island connecting Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Indian Beach, Salter Path, and Emerald Isle. Once off Bogue Banks, Highway 58 continues through Peletier traveling towards Maysville. This highway intersects with Highway 24 in Cape Carteret. In Atlantic Beach and Pine Knoll Shores, this road is also referred to as Fort Macon Boulevard. In Indian Beach and Salter Path, Highway 58 is called Salter Path Rd.

Carteret County NC
Bridges St extension begins at the intersections of Highway 70 and Highway 24 and runs parallel with Arendell St through Morehead City terminating in downtown Morehead City. This major road is often a secondary way through Morehead City when there is heavy traffic on Hwy 70.

The Atlantic Beach Causeway (along with bridge) connects Morehead City and Atlantic Beach and travels over Bogue Sound. It is also a connection between Highway 70 and Highway 58.

Highway 101 connects Beaufort NC with Craven County and Havelock and is considered a major road in the county. It also runs through Harlowe.

Merrimon Road (route 1300) connects Highway 70 and Merrimon traveling through North River.

Harkers Island Rd connects Highway 70 and Harkers Island.

Marshallberg Rd connects Highway 70 with Marshallberg starting in Smyrna.

NC Highway 12 / Cedar Island Rd connects Highway 70 with Cedar Island and the ferry terminal.

Front Street runs the entire length of the Beaufort NC waterfront from the boathouse to Beaufort.

Evans Street parallels Arendell St to the North running from downtown to the visitors center.

Country Club road in Morehead City runs from West Carteret High School to Crab Point.

20th St in Morehead City connects Bridges St extension and Arendell St with Crab Point near downtown and intersects with Country Club Rd.

Live Oak St intersects with Cedar St in Beaufort and is a major road that travels from Cedar St to Highway 70 near East Carteret High School. Live Oak St also intersects with Highway 101 in Beaufort.

Interest: Major highways and roads in the county.

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    You are going to see a need for most existing roads being widened and updated once the population boom starts with the new 42 corridor project.


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