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Carteret County NC 2020 – What New Years Changes Will Be Made?

A new decade and new year is set to happen in 4 days, so we are going to list some noted changes that will be happening during 2020 in the Carteret County communities of Morehead City, Beaufort, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, and Newport.

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However, we hope you will share on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so that others can use the comment form below to add their new year resolutions or changes they hope to see in their community so that we can look back at the end of December to see what changes actually happened.

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Morehead City NC

In 2020, we are looking at the completion of the new Shevans Park kids playground and promises of a new Splashpad in the same area. This new park renovation is needed to make the playground more inclusive and should have some fun changes.

Additionally, the town of Morehead City town officials are set to built a new town hall on Bridges St near where the current town hall is.

What are some changes you hope to see in Morehead City for the new year?

Beaufort NC

In 2020, we should see some physical development and possible new construction to begin on the new Compass Hotel on Orange street.

Hopefully, the owners of the Spouter Inn Restaurant will re-build on the site that burned in December of 2019 since this restaurant is very much a part of Beaufort’s culture, history, and tradition.

In 2020, the big news is the realization of the global pandemic known as Covid-19 Coronavirus that shuttered schools and business for much of the year, affected tourism in the area, caused sickness, and brought about social distancing, mask wearing, and other measures to control the spread of this illness. On August 17, schools started under the NC governor’s orders that K-12 schools could only be at 50% capacity requiring some students to attend school 2 days a week then receiving virtual instruction 3 days a week.

Newport NC

The only changes we know about happening in 2020 for Newport NC is that we will likely see the beginning of land clearing and construction related to the new Havelock Bypass that will terminate near the Carteret / Craven county line on Highway 70 in Newport.

There are some unconfirmed reports that the Newport Prison and Work Farm is being considered by the State of NC for expansion but whether this will happen in the new year is to be seen.

Atlantic Beach NC

We know that in 2020, Atlantic Beach NC town officials are looking to finalize and possibly break ground on a new town hall in the community, and there will likely be some new development changes under the Atlantic Beach Corridor Project. Will we possibly see the dilapidated Showboat Motel demolished?

Emerald Isle NC

We know of absolutely no changes that are happening in Emerald Isle NC for the new year except upgrades to the Emerald Isle Bridge, so we are hoping that some local area readers will happen along and let of know of any new changes.

Harkers Island And Down East

We know of no new development in the town of Harkers Island, but there will continue to be road work done at the new North River Bridge and on Highway 70 to begin preparation for the Interstate 42 upgrades. Are down east communities ready for possible major growth and development?

Your Turn

So now that we discussed some 2020 changes in Carteret County NC, what are some resolutions you hope that city and town officials will make in your local communities?

What are your personal new years resolutions?

It should be fun to look back at this time next year and see what new construction and development happened, and if we all were able to keep our resolutions.

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