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Carteret County NC – Addressing The Labor Workforce Shortage And Economic Development

In December 2019, Carteret County NC economic development officials announced that a labor workforce shortage needs to be addressed as the local economy naturally grows along with the completion of the Interstate 42 project.

In short, the county says there simply aren’t enough workers in the local community to fill open positions available at businesses, and that the key to addressing this shortage is to look at attracting young families from the Triad (and likely elsewhere) to relocate to the county. Additionally, economic officials want to start looking at technology solutions to attract remote workers and early retirees who may be interested in a second career. Continuing, local officials will partner with media companies in the Triad to begin a series of videos and articles touting reasons to live on the Crystal Coast.

So let’s talk about this. Readers are encouraged to use the discussion form below to engage us and other readers around the topic of a shortage of workers in Carteret County NC, and to share this article and join us on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so that we can continue the discussion.

We will continue to update this article as new information is learned about the initiative by local officials to attract a new workforce to the communities of Morehead City, Beaufort, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Newport, and down east areas near Harkers Island. These updates will happen in the news section below.

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Issues To Consider In Your Responses Below

As a worker, business owner or manager, developer, or municipal official, what is your response to locals who say that there are plenty of workers in the community who can work and want to work, but the available jobs are all very low paying compared to the cost of living that exist in this tourism area?

In our research, the median rent in Newport, Beaufort, and Morehead City is around $850 a month, with that number going upwards near $1200 a month in Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, and Emerald Isle. Are the jobs that will be created to attract a new workforce going to be minimum wage positions (or even near minimum wage), or professional and highly skilled technology jobs that pay more?

What needs to happen to address affordable housing in a tourism area where homeowners and rental properties can get top dollar rent from residents not in the county?

What incentives are going to be in place to spur new business creation? Will these incentives be geared towards locally owned small businesses, or big brand businesses?

In what areas of Carteret County will new affordable housing be built if the local area is going to grow naturally, grow from the Interstate 42 project, and this new initiative to attract a new workforce?

People love visiting and vacationing along the Crystal Coast and Bogue Banks communities because of our clean and secluded beaches, pristine barrier islands, sprawling sand dunes, and aquatic ecosystems. People love the small town southern charm feel. How will this be maintained?

As an official that is charged with addressing the local economy, what role will new technology and remote workers play in the process?

As a business owner or manager, what is your understanding and solutions to the qualified worker shortage?

As a worker, what do you see as potential problems or solutions to this issue facing the county economy?

As someone from Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, or Rocky Mount, what is enough of an economic incentive to relocate or be a remote worker on the Crystal Coast?

As someone considering starting a new business in the area, or expand an existing business, what insights do you have?

Another issue that few want to face or deal with, is that the NC workforce and qualified worker shortage continues to affected by the addiction epidemic where people being affected by this issue are either disabled physically, in jail, or have disqualifying felonies. How is this going to be addressed?

News And Information Updates

This section is reserved for local news and information as it specifically and directly relates to the new initiative to attract new workers.

If you are a county official, business owner, developer, or worker and want to publish insights on this topic to this section using a verified account, please CONTACT US. We can do the verification in under 5 minutes and set you up an account to add information using your identity.

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