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Carteret County NC Drone Pilots, Flying, And Meetup Discussions

This article will be a discussion thread for drone pilots and flying meetups in the Carteret County NC communities of Morehead City, Beaufort, Newport, Harkers Island, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, and other communities. To participate, please use the discussion thread below to add information and local data to this article.

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Information we’re particularly interested in is any local groups which meet on weekends or other days to take part in this recreational activity, in addition to ways in which drones are being used in other ways such as taking real estate videos, surveying land, monitoring NC beaches for erosion and other issues. Or, any other useful ways flying these craft is useful locally.

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Furthermore, we’re interested in any places in the county which offer training, sales, and how to go about getting FAA certified, along with circumstances that require certification.

Local Information

While recreational drone flying is common for local hobbyist going back over a decade, in recent years this hobby has become extremely popular locally and there is information everywhere about groups who meetup in local counties to fly together, doing obstacle course racing with them, or taking very unique high definition photos of different kinds of scenery.

We noticed in the past two years, officials with the Big Rock Tournament use these craft to live stream when boats come in to the landing to weigh fish, and to take pretty amazing unique perspective photos of the crowd.

And, we know there are marketing agencies who are using drones to take very impressive videos and pictures of real estate offerings for local agents.

Additionally, in recent years the marketing agency who does work for local tourism has used these craft in marketing production. So, it’s clear flying these craft is here to stay and in many cases, they are being used commercially to produce amazing media.

Request For Information

Are there any Carteret County meetups and groups who come together to fly on weekends? If so, where do these groups meet, and is there a website available where someone can get further information?

What are some commercial uses for deploying these craft? What is the process to get FAA certified, and in what cases is certification legally mandated?

Where are some unique places in Morehead City, Harkers Island, Beaufort, Newport, Atlantic Beach, and Emerald Isle which offer great video and picture taking potential?

Considering places like Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout, do these federally protected lands and parks have any restrictions in place that otherwise are not in place in Carteret County?

Which municipal beaches have restrictions in place?

What is some other information which we did not touch on in this article which needs to be known for readers interested in this hobby, buying a drone, operating it, and becoming certified by the FAA?

Please consider using the discussion form below to let us know information particular to this subject.

Federal Information

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