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Carteret County NC Hospitality Services For Visitors

While hospitality services and tourism has always been vital at Carteret County NC beaches and in populated areas such as Morehead City and Beaufort, this article will focus on two new areas which we believe will change the face of business and how we welcome new visitors to the area and spur growth and development of new businesses, industries, opportunities, and our local economy.

These two areas primarily focuses on continued Interstate 42 development and the expansion of Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune which will increase the amount of new visitors which travel to our area, will promote a larger population, and ignite new service oriented development within the Carteret County NC communities of Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, Beaufort, Newport, and Harkers Island.

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Similar impacts will be felt in smaller communities such as Cedar Point, Cape Carteret, and areas along Highway 24 and Highway 58 in to Stella and Peletier.

Using the no registration discussion form below, we’re encouraging business owners and managers, economic and municipal leaders, organizations, homeowners, and those working in the many hospitality and tourism sectors such as hotel and motel management, restaurants (food and beverage), entertainment, and recreation to begin discussions on how best to achieve meeting the needs of those vacationing in our communities and building new service oriented businesses while maintaining our unspoiled natural resources, beaches, and wildlife ecosystems.

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Welcoming New Businesses And Industry

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Restaurants (Food And Beverage)

Discussions on restaurants and the supporting food and beverage industry can center around the need for new restaurants or expansion of current ones. What new innovations and development will need to occur to welcome new visitors and investments to the local economy when it comes to how people eat fresh and locally prepared seafood?

How does the commercial fishing industry and their partnership with seafood markets and restaurants fit in to the changing environment?

Largest Employers

Hotels, Motels, And Other Lodging

Conversations on the needs of vacationers and travelers to the area and their interactions with hotels, motels, and other lodging opportunities can center on the need for more of these establishments, or expansion of current lodging establishments. What county and local ordinances need to change, or be amended to create more space for those visiting and investing in the local area?

Additionally, what are some local municipal and county initiatives taking place to help hospitality related hotels and motels meet the needs of a younger customer base?

Entertainment And Events

Discussions on entertainment and events as it relates to tourism and hospitality can relate to expansion and new growth of the civic center on the campus of Carteret Community College, new innovations on learning how people seek and interact with entertainment venues in beach communities, and how local events are organized in Carteret County.

What needs to change in our NC county to drive new entertainment to our area which undoubtedly helps support restaurants, hotels, and motels.

What needs to be done different to welcome and meet the needs of a new population and visitor?

New Local Corporate Opportunities

Recreation Services

When people go on vacation, they expect to have fun and have considerable recreational opportunities available to them. Considering the beach communities of Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Pine Knoll Shores, Salter Path, and Indian Beach, what needs to change or be added to support how people interact with recreational activities?

What new investments and development will need to happen so families who seek out recreation and entertainment in places like Morehead City, Beaufort, and Harkers Island can feel welcome and supported?

Training, Education, And Economic Impacts

As Interstate 42 and the expansion of Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune unfolds, what local initiatives are developing in an effort to educate and train new workers in the service oriented fields of food and beverage, hotel management, recreation and entertainment, and supporting industries?

Where does Carteret Community College fit in to this new education paradigm?

Using the comment section below, talk to us and ask questions as it relates to Carteret County hospitality and tourism, and to all supporting service industries.

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