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Carteret County NC: Will Hurricane Michael Impact Eastern NC With Tropical Storm Conditions?

Will Hurricane Michael impact Carteret County and Eastern NC after he is downgraded to a Tropical Storm (or depression) and moves over the area sometime around October 11th and 12th in 2018?

This is a very legitimate concern for many in the county and places inland that saw so much damage from Hurricane Florence, and we are seeing many people in the area on social media trying to figure out what the impacts will be. Currently, we are providing live data on Hurricane Michael and will begin monitoring all information 24 hours a day, up to the minute, and will have updates to this post as more information is learned about this storm.

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10/11/2018 – Remnants of Michael came a lot closer to Eastern NC and Carteret County than expected give us a bit more higher winds than were forecasted. Also, Carteret County Schools noted a 2 hour delay for 10/12/2018.

Meredith Archie with Duke Energy told officials in NC that Duke Energy expects 300,000 to 500,000 power outages due to this Tropical Storm.

10/10/2018 – Governor Roy Cooper has issued a State of Emergency for all 100 NC counties due to Tropical Storm Michael. Carteret County School announced they will be closed on 10/11/2018.

The core of this storm is still projected for the triad with our county feeling minimal effects from wind and about 1.5 inches of rain.

Update 10/9/2018: Tropical Storm Watch was issues for the county at 4pm. Both the National Hurricane Center and GFS/Euro computer models continue to shift west for the core of what will be Tropical Storm Michael as he moves over the central piedmont region. This is good news for Carteret County NC residents. Rain maps continue to show about 1.5 inches of rain from this system along with some gusty winds. Again, the big concern right now is tarps being blown off roofs and some further water damage to homes/properties that are not tarped. There may also be some isolated cases where weakened large limbs and small trees fall causing very spotty and isolated power outages.

As it stands now, Carteret County NC and places around Eastern NC will see Tropical Storm force winds and rain in the area beginning around Wednesday afternoon on October 10th, 2018. This means winds around 35 mph to 60 mph with occasional higher gusts. Some could even approach Category 1 hurricane strength but they will be very isolated. There will be a small risk for isolated tornadoes as with all tropical systems that are well inland.

It is important to note that much of what Carteret County sees will be determined by yet unknown information, that being what the storm actually makes landfall as, where it makes landfall, and changes in direction. Right now, different models place what will likely be Tropical Storm Michael anywhere from the triad to directly over this area. This will change in the next 48 hours and you are encouraged to refresh this page to get those updates.

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Additionally, it is important to note that Michael will be a very fast moving storm once it makes landfall so any impacts over Carteret communities will be very short lived.

As it stands now, the impacts this area will see will be weakened trees and limbs that will come down and further water damage to roofs that are not adequately tarped. Furthermore, there is concerns that debris from Florence could become airborne during hard gusts and cause some damage. There will also likely be sporadic power outages where weakened trees come down and take out power lines.

What our community is not going to see is hard winds, surge, and flooding anywhere near like we saw with Florence. Again, Hurricane Michael once downgraded to a Tropical Storm or even a depression will be very fast moving.


Carteret County and Eastern NC residents should prepare for any tropical event just like they normally would and monitor county emergency management broadcast. However, given Florence, we do recommend reinforcing tarps on roofs and cutting down weakened limbs on trees on your property. Lastly, although we understand that it’s not fully possible, do what you can to limit debris that could become airborne.

We also ask that you be mindful of anyone living in heavily damage properties from Florence and do what you can to take them in during this storm if for nothing else but emotional and psychological support.

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