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Animals and Pets In Carteret County NC. Information on Adoption And Rescue, Shelters, Events, And Meetups

We want public information on animal and pet adoption and rescue in Carteret County NC, or anything related to this topic. What after hours emergency hospitals are in the community? What local businesses cater to pet grooming? Are there any local meetups and non-profits that are geared towards rescue? What area businesses or non-profits are interested in training? Use the contact form at the end of this article to send us your information and have it published.

Readers are encouraged to share this document on Facebook and Twitter so that others locally can learn more about pet adoption and rescue. Additionally, please use the discussion form below to engage with us and other readers.

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PAWS of Carteret County NC

Address: 5042 Mattie St, Morehead City, NC 28557
Phone Number: (252) 808-1729
Hours: 10am till 4pm on weekdays, but closed on Saturday and Sunday
Focus: Prevention on animal cruelty, neglect, suffering, and abuse; responsible pet ownership; spay and neuter information; humane treatment and care of area pets and animals through compassion and kindness.
Outreach: Holds and sponsors various events and seminars in the community. Maintains awareness on alternative sheltering.
Programs: Hurricane Shelter for animals who’s owners may need to shelter locally when evacuating for a Tropical Storm, Hurricane, or other inclement weather.
Fundraising: Accepts public donations; maintains a thrift store at 3010 Arendell Street in Morehead City, NC 28557. Contact: 252-247-3341 (click if mobile)

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Humane Society

Address: 853 Hibbs Road, Newport, NC 28570
Phone Number: (252) 247-7744 (click if mobile)
Hours: Weekdays: 10am till 1pm and 2pm till 5pm; Saturday 10am till 4pm
Fundraising: Accepts public donations.
Programs: Cat adoption, dog adoption; lost and found; events; volunteers

Discussions and Comments

What county resources did we miss in this article? Use the form below to give us that information and we will amend this article.

What area veterinarians maintain an after hours emergency hospital and care?

In the past, have you volunteered at any Carteret County NC shelters, hospitals, agencies, organizations, or non-profits? Tell us about those opportunities.

What other agencies and interest are in the county that are devoted to the compassionate humane care of pets and animals on the Crystal Coast?

What are some area meetup groups that are active in the community?

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4 thoughts on “Animals and Pets In Carteret County NC. Information on Adoption And Rescue, Shelters, Events, And Meetups

  • August 14, 2019 at 10:38 pm

    I just moved to this county, specifically Morehead City, I am a animal lover and have been involved in rescue all my life. I moved from a considerably larger city and I must say this small area has more going on locally and on social media than my previous home and that makes me feel good.

    I hope you will get involved in adoption and helping find lost animals. I never really thought about planning ahead of time for natural disasters like hurricanes and storms but I guess now living on the coast I need to consider that. Thank you for the motivation.

  • December 1, 2018 at 2:56 pm

    I just saw on social media where the Carteret County Humane Society has 8 finches and 9 canary’s that are available for adoption. They will make a great Christmas present for some girl or boy in the community. I wish I could take a few but already have enough house pets and animals in the yard to take care of. These birds would definitely be a fun way to teach kids about animal rescue in our community.

  • November 16, 2018 at 12:05 am

    Thank you for promoting adoption and rescue in the county. It means a lot to us that work directly in this area.

  • November 1, 2018 at 7:27 pm

    I want to thank the group that came in from Raleigh and Apex to work with locals in rescuing pets during the major flooding in Newport NC and other areas and took them to Fort Benjamin Park to care for them while the Humane Society building was experiencing roof damage. Thank you again to Peak Lab Rescue.

    Hurricane Florence was definitely a wakup call for the county to add pet care to their list of preparations during these types of storms.


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