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Reopen NC Rally And Protests Amid Coronavirus Hits Carteret County

As Reopen NC protest and rallies take shape across the state amid continued Coronavirus cases and deaths occurring, it seems that Carteret County has it’s own group of residents and small business owners who are demanding that local government officials and politicians address their concerns.

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Additionally, we hope that you will use our discussion form at the bottom of this article to voice your concerns on the economic impacts being felt in Carteret County NC as it relates to state level and local level shutdowns of many non-essential businesses to include bars, restaurants, and other small companies in our tourism dependent area.

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Reopen NC – Carteret County Edition

Here is what we know:

  1. Carteret County NC is a unique area that is overwhelmingly dependent on tourism dollars, of which many local businesses and residents rely on to live and support their families.
  2. The novel COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is an event that nobody on this planet saw coming or planned for, and this pandemic presents many challenges that nobody living today has ever experienced.
  3. Many experts believe that the Coronavirus has the POTENTIAL to continue spreading out of control across the entire planet unless significant precautions are undertaken. These precautions include closure of non-essential businesses, schools, public areas under the control of local municipalities, and mandated social distancing and isolation until a vaccine is discovered.
  4. With that, many experts are also saying that smaller communities across America and here in North Carolina with smaller populations are at much less risks for seeing unmanageable cases of Coronavirus.
  5. Carteret County NC is very much a rural area with very few confirmed cases of COVID-19 and related deaths compared to other counties in the state, and thus many believe that closure of businesses and service industries are unwarranted and have the potential to permanently bankrupt local businesses if the county does not lift or lessen it’s control on the populace and allow local businesses and organizations to reopen.
  6. With that said, Carteret County NC is approaching it’s busy tourism season which historically doubles the population locally as people from areas with significant Coronavirus visit the area and patron local establishments. The concern here is that while the county has few cases now, there is the POTENTIAL for significant explosion of new cases and burden on the local healthcare system if restrictions are lifted or lessened.
  7. Interestingly, the Reopen NC rally groups and protests seem to be centered on politics as divide is clearly pitting the political right against the political left.


As a small business owner, local resident, homeowner, or municipal leader, are you for or against Coronavirus restrictions and stay-at-home orders continuing along with the forced closure of businesses even if it bankrupts many businesses in the area? Using the form below to give us your best arguments for or against your belief.

Where can those for reopening North Carolina and those for the CURRENT restrictions meet in the middle to promote public health during this pandemic while protecting small businesses in the area?

Are you for or against local politicians and candidates for local office using the Coronavirus pandemic for political gain or attack when it’s clear that none of the politicians or candidates where talking about this issue before December of 2019?

Is it disingenuous for a political candidate to attack a sitting politician for something that is largely out of the control of any human alive?

Is it possible that BOTH the Reopen NC protesters and rally groups along with those opposed to them all have valid arguments and we are simply in a position with this pandemic where no matter what is done, people are going to experience significant distress?

If the argument around Reopen NC continues down a political path, are we ALL at risk of the political right and political left taking positions that obstruct the other side just to spite them, but then sparking a further pandemic or economic collapse that will affect every person on this planet regardless of political affiliation?

My Concern

Consider this analogy:

Right now the Coronavirus epidemic is the Atlantic Ocean. North Carolina is a small boat in the middle of the ocean in a rainstorm filled with one #ReopenNC supporter and one person adamantly opposed to their rallies and protests.

Both people are refusing to bail water or fish to oppose and and obstruct each other.

And thus, both people will perish either from sickness related to the pandemic, or from starvation from the pandemic.

Guidance From The CDC

Michael Sharp

Native of Carteret County NC, Father to Makayla and Savannah. You can add me on Facebook. Interest include web development, encryption, and other technologies.

One thought on “Reopen NC Rally And Protests Amid Coronavirus Hits Carteret County

  • April 27, 2020 at 7:45 pm

    There is not ONE Republican or Democratic governor, representative, senator, county commissioner, or mayor who can claim the high ground on this issue and any that attempt it are full of it.

    Nobody saw it coming. If you are a politician attacking one side or the other, you better get ready to show where you were talking about this BEFORE it helped your agenda.

    And I DARE any Republican or Democratic lawmaker or politician to exclaim that she or he knows how to lead us out of this pandemic under the best possible scenario when no human on this planet currently has any solutions.


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