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Carteret County NC School Safety Information And News – Grants, Resources, And Funding

This document will serve as a discussion forum on Carteret County NC school safety resources, grants, funding, and news for local administrators, law enforcement, county government, teachers, students, and parents.

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Current News And Information

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February 2020 Grants

CCPS received 4 grants totaling $170,000 from the N.C. Department of Public Instruction’s Center for Safer Schools and will be used for equipment, crisis services, a resource officer, and training.

It should be noted that Lieutenant James Gaskill of the Morehead City Police Department helped to write and apply for this grant. Lieutenant Gaskill serves as a resource officer (SRO) at Morehead Elementary School.

Breakdown of the $170,000 Grant

  1. $47,284.23 to be used for security camera upgrades at Morehead Elementary School and for flashing school zone lights on roads near Morehead City Middle School, West Carteret High School, Morehead City Primary School, and Morehead Elementary School.
  2. $33,333 to fund a school resource officer (SRO) at Morehead City Middle School. Additionally, the town is working with county commissioners on securing funds to further fund this SRO position.
  3. $78,000 to help fund contract licensed professional therapist who work with students in crisis. These services will include individual, family, and group therapy. Furthermore, a crisis counselor will respond to families as needs arise.
  4. $6,600 to fund crisis prevention and preparedness training for various team members within CCPS including administrators and selected teachers. This training will focus on mitigating students experiencing crisis and trauma within the system.

Director of Student Services Dr. Sue Kreuser and Communications Director Tabbie Nance wrote the grant application in the Fall of 2019 with assistance from the Town of Morehead City, Lieutenant Gaskill, and other local agencies who have an interest in Carteret County school safety.


As a teacher, parent, student, or administrator within the system, what else is needed at local area schools to help mitigate incidents such as gun violence, bullying, and for students experiencing domestic violence at home or worrying about parents who may be dealing with addiction and other substance abuse needs?

What are some specific safety needs for schools in Beaufort, Newport, and down east near Smyrna and Atlantic?

What are some other areas of funding and grants that can be applied for in addition to this grant from the N.C. Department of Public Instruction’s Center for Safer Schools?

As a parent, are you working with teachers, principals, and other staff members to offer volunteer assistance when needed?

What are some other mental health resources that we as citizens in Carteret County NC need to focus on to help mitigate acts of violence within the schools, or within families and homes?

Will any of this grant money go to help with crisis and trauma experienced by students after hours or on weekends?

I think it is also worth noting that we are in pivotal times in the county as area leaders work with pending new population growth from Interstate 42 and securing funds for school expansion and growth. We may even be looking at the need to start new construction on schools.

With this in mind, I hope we as parents and residents will help area school administrators and county leaders during the time of this growth and expansion, and the need for safety within our schools.

As we are all aware, funding is an issue for many areas in education, and we as parents and residents need to start thinking about new alternative ways to support our school system.

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